The Deal With Cannabis: Here’s How Weed Really Affects Your Health

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Health

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Should we be lighting up?

Today, government is set to discuss the decriminalisation of marijuana in the High Court in Cape Town. We of course, have all of the questions about how weed really affects your health. Here, some answers.

The Claims About Weed

Since the legalisation of marijuana in America, weed’s gotten some steady spotlight in recent years. Now, there’s a court case in South Africa arguing to make it legal.

While there are health claims around cannabis, the actual science is sketchy. Some evidence suggests marijuana lowers your ability to sleep, particularly REM, the deep, healing sleep you need to properly rest. There was also a study suggesting that THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, could help treat Alzheimer’s disease. And, while more teenagers are using pot than ever before (one study reported that teens didn’t think of regular smoking sessions as harmful), there’s research suggesting that it could hamper brain development.

There’s more. In animal research, females had more anxiety after exposure. And, if you’re thinking of passing on the blunt, think again: just 30 minutes of secondhand marijuana smoke lowers blood vessel function — which can up your risk for heart attack and stroke. Eep.

The Bright Side

In the U.S., where dope is legalised in certain states, prescription opioid abuse has dropped. There’s also the argument that alcohol is more harmful for you than a joint – too much alcohol can kill you, but there’s no evidence showing an overdose of marijuana is even possible. And, this study found no real long-term affects from marijuana usage. In fact, it found that cannabis smokers were more likely to have a smaller BMI and lowered HDL cholesterol.

For now though, the drug is still very much illegal.

Looking for more? Well believe it or not, there has been talk that inserting weed into your vagina (yup) can actually ease PMS. 

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