“This Book Helped Me Drop 7 Dress Sizes And Live A Healthier Life”

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Weight Loss

By Boitumelo Moloto

She got inspired to live a healthier lifestyle by The Diet Everyone Is Talking About

Growing up, Tania Parker has always been slightly chubby but not overweight. She played many sports in school and always did some form of exercise to stay healthy.

Tania Maria Parker

Occupation: Owner of Parker Perfect
Age: 25
City: Durban
Weight before: 133 kg
Weight after: 90,2 kg
Time taken to lose weight: 2 years
Secret weapon: Getting your body into ketosis through The Diet Everyone Talks About.

The Gain

Tania started putting on weight when she left high school in 2010, as she had stopped playing sport and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “When I was heaviest my food choices were bad. My diet would be no breakfast, take away for lunch and sandwich for dinner,” she says.

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The Change

On the 17th of June 2015 Tania went to Daniela Papini’s Office, from The Diet Everyone Talks About, and hearing her words of encouragement made her decide to turn her life around. “When I could not bend to tie my own shoelaces anymore, this frightened me to the point where I had no choice but to change,” she admits.

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The Lifestyle

Now, Tania walks every morning and exercises at least 5 times a week. “I have gone from eating takeaways to a no carb diet. I now choose vegetables instead of chips. My diet consists of delicious foods like chicken, salads, bacon and cream cheese,” she says. After she felt more confident she joined the gym, went there five times a week and runs 6 km on the beach front everyday.

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The Reward

“The moment my family, friends and clients started commenting on my weight lose I started to feel proud and confident in myself, making me want to work even harder to see what their reaction would be next time I saw them,” she says. She rewards herself by choosing one thing to eat which for her would be pasta. “When you reward yourself you will want to work even harder to have that treat,” says Tania.

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Tania’s Tips

> Never see weight loss as a diet. It’s a lifestyle.
> Set yourself realistic goals. It’s a great way to keep track and not stabilise.
> Reward yourself. It is important to acknowledge your achievements.

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