These 3 Drinks Will Help You Lose Weight — And They’re Not Vinegar

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Drinks, Weight Loss

Drinks alone aren’t going to get you to your weight-loss goals and if you aren’t up for swallowing some acid, try adding the following to your hydration rotation. They can definitely help up your weight-loss potential…

1. Water

Sure, water may be kinda meh, but it really is your best bet, says dietician Jessica Cording. At a very basic level, your cells need water to do their job – and being well hydrated can help your body work more efficiently. Other weight-loss benefits of water: it helps expand the fibre you eat to make you feel full. It takes up volume in your stomach and makes you feel more satiated without adding extra kilojoules. Since it’s easy to mistake thirst cues for hunger, drinking enough H2O helps ensure that you’re not eating when you’re not actually that hungry.

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2. Coffee

Drinking a daily cup of coffee or two alone isn’t magically going to make you drop a few sizes, but it might help a little. The caffeine in coffee increases your body’s energy use, even when you’re sitting on your bum, so you end up burning more kilojoules after drinking it, the Mayo Clinic points out. The caffeine may also help you feel less hungry, lowering the odds you’ll overeat, the organization says. That doesn’t mean you should take up a coffee habit if you don’t already have one. “It’s a mild stimulant and too much can cause jitters and heart palpitations,” Cording points out. You want to hit that sweet spot (which translates to about four 240ml cups of coffee) to see results.


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3. Lemon Water

Some celebrities swear by lemon water and there’s something to it, Cording says. Not only does it primarily consist of water, but the lemon can help get your digestion moving and, well, help you poo, she says. It’s part of why citrus can help you de-bloat, she explains.

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