3 Legit Weight-Loss Programmes To Try Before Summer

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Weight Loss

Summer is coming. You’re probably starting to hear that everywhere. It’s the go-to pick-up line for every gym and detox programme. As soon as they see the glimmer of panic in our eyes, they seize the moment to bombard us with everything and anything that could possibly get us bikini-ready.

But how to dodge the “this magic fruit made me lose 5kg in a day” and “no-workout abs” scams that are already starting to pop up and trap a few sorry victims? Worry not, we got ya. Here are the eating plans and workouts you need to be thinking about, talking about and trying out for summer…

1. Shedding For The Wedding

What is it? Shedding For The Wedding is a healthy meal and exercise plan, designed by experts, to get you and your bridesmaids into the best shape of your lives in time for the big day – all in the comfort of your own home. But it’s not just for brides – it works for anyone looking to shape up and slim down in time for summer.

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Why it works: The eating plan works with macros and kilojoule counts so you can still eat all your favourite food, just in smaller amounts. Meanwhile, the workouts use compound, functional movements to burn fat while sculpting sexy, lean muscle tone. While results will vary depending on how much you have to lose, the plan is designed for an average woman to lose around one kilo per week – that’s a healthy, realistic weight loss that you’ll be able to sustain.

Are you hearing those wedding bells already? Or just want to slim down because it’s the healthy thing to do? Check out sheddingforthewedding.co.za.

Image by Adventure Boot Camp

2. Adventure Boot Camp’s Journey To Summer

“It takes 4 weeks to notice the difference in your body, 8 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for everyone else to notice.”

What is it? This 12-week programme kicks off on 24 September (soon!) and will have you summer-ready by 14 December, just in time to hit the beach. Sign up to a fun fitness journey that takes place every Monday to Friday for an hour every day. Get those happy endorphins flowing with a group of like-minded women while you chisel out that dream bod for December. These outdoor workouts are about fun – but trust me, you’ll be sweating too. Plus: You get eating plans, diet advice and awesome prizes up for grabs!

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Why it works: It’s so much easier to stay on track when you’re training with a group. These girls will hold you accountable if you don’t show up, but it will be so much fun you won’t want to ditch. Unlimited flexi’s are included, so you get to work out when it suits your busy schedule. Going away for the long weekend? Not a problem. Nutritional advice will be aimed at getting you started on a healthy diet path. A three-day detox has temporary results, losing weight over 12 weeks – these results are here to stay.

What are you waiting for? Sign up at adventurebootcamp.co.za.

Image by Amanda Ramon

3. Briana Chandler’s 12-Week Glute Guide

What is it? Who doesn’t wanted a perky peach when it finally gets warm enough to don that cheeky bikini bottom? Briana Chandler is booty #goals – and kind enough to share the secrets to her success. Say hello to a 12-week programme that focuses on two intense leg and glute workouts a week. The programme is gym-based using basic equipment such as barbells and a cable machine. Add HIIT three times a week to tone up. Videos accompany every workout in the guide, so no need to feel nervous about embarrassing yourself at the gym – bring your own personal trainer on your phone. Plus: Briana’s Healthy EATS are included in this guide, so you can switch up your diet with some seriously nutritious inspo.

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Why it works: The combo of HIIT and resistance training helps to shed those extra kilos and to build muscle in the right places (your bum). Add to this workout routine a healthy diet and you’ll be right on track for summer. Because you can simply download this ebook onto your phone or iPad, you can train at whatever time suits you. Switch up your usual gym routine with this killer routine.

Ready to work for that booty? Click here for more info and the Glute Guide.

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