8 Weird Things We’ve Tried In The Name Of Beauty

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Style & Beauty

Photography by Mark Cameron

Okay, we all love coconut oil. But remember that time everyone thought you were crazy for putting that stuff in your hair?
We round up the weirdest things we’ve used in the name of beauty. Fair warning: it’s about to get gross…

Works Like A Charm!

Leigh Cann, Senior Designer
“I’ve used turmeric to whiten teeth. It totally works!”
DIY: Either brush teeth with powder mixed with water, or chew a piece of the root.
Anja Joubert, Fashion Editor
“Any kind of moisturiser is perfect for an emergency eye make-up remover!”
“In the 80’s, people would swear by using All Gold Tomato Sauce as hair masks to get the green from the chlorine out of their blonde locks!”
DIY: If you must, go ahead. Or protect your hair from the green monsters with a shampoo and conditioner made for coloured hair.
Wanita Nicol, Deputy Editor
“My gran told me that washing your hair with mayonnaise makes it sleek and straight. (I think it’s the eggs. Probably the oil, too.) I tried it and when my hair dried, it hung down my back, shiny and sleek, as promised!”
DIY: Apply the mayonnaise as a conditioner, let it soak for a while, then rinse thoroughly and rub in some conditioner to disguise the smell. Rinse again, and voila!
Okay we know coconut oil is miracle stuff, but hear this: “It helps with a dry scalp, psoriasis, and even cradle cap babies!”
Michelle October, Features Writer
“I used normal lotion in my hair when I ran out of conditioner at Rocking The Daisies. My curls were super-defined!”

Total Scam!

Amy Rankin, Managing Editor and Food Editor
“I once made a face mask out of toothpaste when I was a teenager. It literally burnt my skin and I had to load on the tissue oil over the next week!”
Joy Niemack, Assistant Digital Editor
“I’ve tried lemon juice in my hair to lighten it, and a banana mask to make it softer. It didn’t turn out well.”
Michelle October, Features Writer
“My sister would use oats to wash her face. Just oats. She broke out so badly, shame.”
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