What He’s REALLY Thinking During Doggy Style

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Sex & Love

By Andy Jones

What’s going through his mind when you’re giving him the moves? We find out what he’s thinking during doggy style, plus 3 other common positions!


1. Sweet, my belly is out of her eyeline. I can stop tensing now.
2. How forceful is too forceful? If she lunges forward is that a bad thing? Or will she see me as manly?
3. What if I hit her pelvic bone? Or, you know, that other place…
4. What is she thinking down there? Is she imagining someone else?
5. This makes me feel dominant, which is nice since we’re both acutely aware that’s not the standard dynamic in this relationship.

How you can help

“It can get a bit difficult back-seat driving. Talk to me – or wrestle control and do the pushing. Also throw me a glance every now and then just so I know you’re as into it as I am.”


1. Wow, you look good up there. Really good. Your boobs look bigger too, and your tummy flat. You’d be happy with this view.
2. Brilliant, I can lie back here on cruise control.
3. I love you bouncing, but please don’t break my penis. I read somewhere that half of all penile fractures happen during cowgirl.
4. Can I tuck my feet under the duvet?
5. Just to repeat… don’t break my penis.

How you can help

“Want bonus points? I like it when you reach back and very lightly roll my balls around in your hands – in an ‘evil genius plotting the next move’ way rather than ‘pummelling a stress ball.'”


1. Not my favourite. A face full of hair kind of kills the mood.
2. All the force comes from my pelvic muscles. Painful work.
3. It’s difficult trying to maintain good rhythm. I feel like a grade eight boy at his first social.
4. I like tweaking and rubbing the machinery from back here, but all your best bits are facing the other way!
5. This is basically penetrative cuddling, isn’t it?

How you can help

“I love watching you enjoy yourself. Guide my hand into your lap. Because I can’t see what I’m doing, I’m tuned in to how it feels, making it easier to remember for next time.”


1. My favourite: this sitting position gives me the whole package – penetration, kissing and breasts. And I get to sit down.
2. It takes longer for me to come because – while it’s deep – there’s less frantic friction. This is a good thing.
3. Lots of eye contact? Hot. I also love it when you pull my hair.
4. This feels great, fast or slow. Shall we pause for a breather?
5. Even with your sex face on, you still look beautiful.

How you can help

“I’m totally cool with you making the most of this slower pace. Touch me lots – soft stroking, kneading, pulling and pinching. I’m more into it than I let on.”

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