WTF Is A Fitness Facial And Is It The Best Way To Improve Your Skin Tone?

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Skincare

Skin looking tired and dull? Try the newest beauty trend: the fitness facial by Laser Beautique!

What exactly is a ‘Fitness Facial’?

It’s called: FaceFit. The theory: If working your body muscles and keeping your body fit is a priority, surely you should be working your facial muscles too? But what does this mean in practice? The team at Laser Beautique say we need to think about it like the: we spend serious hours sculpting the muscles in our body, but we forget that there are over 50 muscles in our face and neck. If we start to get our facial muscles working, we can sculpt a beautifully toned face! Facial workouts range from 15 minutes to a 60-minute signature treatment. I went in to see what the fuss was all about.

The FaceFit Facial Experience

I went to the Laser Beautique in Sea Point (the only one in Cape Town, although there are many branches in Joburg) with an open mind. I thought: sure. Muscles can be shaped. But a small voice inside was saying “Do you really want to build those cheek muscles any bigger?”

I lay down on the bed, wrapped in cosy towels as the therapist (with gloved hands) started the cleansing routine. A cleansing foamy massage of my face and neck was followed by a gentle exfoliation with Nimue exfoliating enzymes (and a little vibrating machine). Already, I was feeling relaxed as the hot cloths rinsed my face. But then came the light slapping of my chin. Okay, maybe slapping is an exaggeration – somewhere between flicking and tapping is probably more accurate of the sensation, all around my chin and cheeks. So all the muscles felt like they were being slightly lifted and then let go of.

The Inside-your-mouth massage

Next up was the facial tissue massage: gentle, but firm rubbing with a focus on pressure points. My eyes struggled to stay open. Just as I was starting to get really relaxed, my therapist pulled me out of my meditation explaining that she is now going to put her hand sin my mouth. I felt like giggling, but opened my mouth as she suggested.

With her thumbs on the outside of my cheeks and each of her pointing and middle fingers on the inside of my cheeks, she began her work. She worked into the depths of my cheek muscles, touching me in a way I had not been touched before. But it felt oddly good. To finish the treatment off, I got a leave-in moisturising mask to help combat my dry winter skin.

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A new skin treatment from the Laser Beautique which involves facial muscle massage called: FaceFit

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The FaceFit Results

I don’t know why face massage isn’t a thing, like how full body massage is so popular. It’s so great having your facial features rubbed and manipulated. It’s calming and de-stressing and we should definitely do it more often. If you’re like me and tend to struggle with sinuses and allergies it feels really great having someone work around all those areas of the face. It’s almost like taking a headache tablet.

And then let’s talk about the cheeks. Yes, an internal massage is weird in concept, but actually felt non-threatening in practice. The inside of my cheeks did feel a little tender afterwards, but my whole jaw felt so relaxed. If you are stressed or highly strung and tend to clench your jaw or grind your teeth, you will find this treatment particularly relaxing. The next day my skin was certainly glowing and looking fresh. I looked younger.

Want to try the Fitness Facial?

Only afterwards did I find out that you get different FaceFit treatments which can be tailor-made to your needs, from FACE YOGA to ELECTRICAL WORKOUTS. Maybe my therapist thought a little light cheek slapping was just what I needed.

Available at any Laser Beautique store in Cape Town, Joburg and Durban.

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