What is A-Beauty? Here’s What You Need To Know About The Emerging Beauty Trend

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If you’ve checked out any beauty blog or even WH, you would have come across K-beauty. But allow me to introduce to a new emerging beauty trend from the land Down Under: A- beauty. In an effort to streamline your beauty and skincare routine, the Australians are coming for the skincare thrown and they’re bringing their natural ingredients with them.

What is A-beauty

Think of A-beauty as the opposite of K-beauty. When K-beauty first stepped onto the beauty scene, it brought us double cleansing, 10 step skincare routines and all the essence and serums we could ask for. What A-beauty is trying to do is take that 10 step skincare routine and give you one product that does 10 things. They’re all about making your skincare routine easier and less time-consuming. Their products are filled with natural ingredients that work hard so you don’t have to. The beauty philosophy lies in making things simplistic, natural and effective. It’s basically what all minimalist beauty and skincare lovers have been waiting for!

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While many Australian brands aren’t available in SA stores just yet, you can find most of them online. So, if your willing to splurge on some natural, cruelty-free products (and don’t mind paying shipping fees) then check out these Ozzy favs.

Claire Hill

Fresh off the boat/plane, Claire Hill is a new import to SA. Founded by Loretta Hill who sought to develop a formula for ageless skin. Their result-driven formula includes the perfect mix of active ingredients in the right concentrations.  Their range currently contains anti-ageing Micellar water with desert lemon that removes makeup and cleanses skin while also acting as a toner. Next is the Assist Anti-Aging serum that helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles by 70,6% in just 28 days! The Anti-Ageing moisturiser locks in moisture, reduces the appearance of fine lines, fights free radical damage and gives the skin a boost of nutrients.

S8-28 Assist Anti Ageing Serum

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Frank Body

Frank Body’s coffee scrub became Insta-famous in 2013, they’ve since expanded to face masks, cleansers, and lip products. Natural, no-nonsense ingredients are the basis of all their products. Take their latest product, for example, the A-Beauty Scrub brightens skin, fades scars and tackles hyperpigmentation, uses native Australian ingredients like Vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime, a naturally occurring AHA.


The OG of Australian skincare, Melbourne-based skincare, Aesop specialises in plant-based formulas and laboratory-made ingredients. Their range of products includes hair, body and skincare are made to offer you a full sensory experience.

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Created by model Jessica Hart, Luma is a curated range of must-have, multi-use products based on the illuminating properties of crushed pearl. Their range has been specially designed to bring out the best in your skin, creating a luminous and healthy glow using naturally sourced ingredients such as crushed pearl powder, ethically sourced mica, moisture-rich hyaluronic acid, and jojoba oil


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