Fit Night IN — Exactly What It Is And Why You Do Not Want To Miss It!

by | May 19, 2020 | WH Promotion & Events

Here’s a question for our times: In what way did COVID-19 spit on your plans for 2020? For us here at Women’s Health HQ, it was our events calendar that was the biggest COVID casualty. We had grand plans for 2020. They even got off to a roaring start at Fit Night Out Cape Town in February. Who knew the very next month would bring the day the music died? But here’s the thing about the WH team: We don’t react well to words like “no” or “can’t”. So instead of throwing in the sweat towel, we’re going virtual and launching Fit Night IN.

What Is Fit Night In?

Fit Night In is a brand new virtual workout series from Women’s Health. We’re bringing fun, heart-pumping workouts with amazing trainers right to your home. You choose the space, we bring the action. The best part is that no two events will ever be the same so you won’t get bored. Some weeks it will be a rapid-fire lineup of different trainers back to back; other weeks you can look forward to a single celeb trainer putting you through your paces. The workouts will also vary — you could be shadowboxing one week and gooi‘ng your best Zumba moves the next.

When Is It All Going Down?

Fit Night In launches THIS SATURDAY 23 May at 9am with a lineup of Next Fitness Star alumni bringing you five back-to-back 15-minute workouts. It’s a high-energy sweat sesh that will leave you pumped up for the rest of the weekend! Tickets are just R50 for the whole family — or add on an optional R10 donation to Earthchild Project, an organisation that’s providing food and access to education to disadvantaged children during ‘lockdown’.

Fit Night In

The Line-Up Will Get You Grooving

To launch Fit Night In, we’re bringing you a sizzling line-up of Next Fitness Star alumni.

Renché Seyffert

Joining us from her home in Potch, Renché has a quick smile and an infectious laugh. But don’t be fooled — she’s a killer when she gets going. You’ll love her Wonder Woman workouts that make you realise you’re so much stronger than you think!

Workout challenge! Can you do Renché’s killer core routine?

Meagan Claasen

Small-town girls represent at Fit Night In! Meagan is coming to a small screen near you from Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. She’s the queen of combos, so expect a workout that’s three-in-one!

This home workout from Meagan will wake up muscles you never knew you had!

Nomawothi Bafana

This Jozi-based badass won our 2019 Next Fitness Star competition with her energetic functional aerobics classes. Nomawothi has put thousands of women through their paces on the Fit Night Out stage in Joburg and Cape Town and taken fitness underground at Women’s Health Secret Sweats. Now it’s your turn to experience the Noma magic at Fit Night In.

Got a step at home and a mat? Here’s your Workout of the Day…

Xoliswa Nkosi

Xoliswa is also no stranger to the Fit Night Out stage. As a long-standing member of the Virgin Active crew, she knows how to get a crowd going and she’ll bring that same energy to the small screen at Fit Night In. But be warned: She knows endless variations of burpees and she’s not afraid to use them!

Looking for a good burn? Try this fat-melter from Xoliswa…

Angelique van der Linde

Angelique is a force to be reckoned with. Whether she’s in her lawyer heels or gym instructor trainers, she’s hell-bent on empowering women and has a knack for making you believe you can achieve anything. She had the crowd going wild at Ministry of Fitness last year; now the Pretoria powerhouse is bringing that same energy to your home.

Check out this workout with Angelique and her hubby…

And If I Can’t Make It This Saturday?

You can still join the Fit Night In fun! We’re bringing you the chance to sweat it out at home every month. Sometimes twice. Because we love hanging out and working out with you, even if we have to do it from a distance! Keep an eye out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out.

Fit Night In

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