What Your Heart And Sex Have In Common

by | Sep 3, 2016 | Health, Sex & Love

by Alice Paulse; Photography by Pexels
A new study has suggested that spending time between the sheets is the key to keeping your heart healthy and happy. Could it be true?
Besides the emotional aspects, feelings of well-being, and relieving pain it pumps up your heart and helps you sleep restfully. Sex gives you a one-two punch. A study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behaviour found that the benefits if an active sex life in later years extends to women.
Researchers found that men between the ages of 57-85 that are having sex often were more at risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease where as women in the same age range can minimise their likelihood of high blood pressure by having fulfilling quality sex. Surprisingly, older men who were having sex one or more times per week, were twice as likely as sexually inactive men to experience cardiovascular events.
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Don’t Break His Heart…

Researchers believe this could be due to the amount of physical exertion occurring during sex and that sexual enhancement medications could be putting risks on the heart health of older men. However, older women who most enjoyed sex had the lowest risk of hypertension, believed to be a reflection of less stress and better mental health that accompany a strong relationship bond…yay, for us!
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Here are some shocking statistics in South Africa:
South Africa has one of the highest rates of high blood pressure worldwide: 1 in 3 adults
High blood pressure is a silent killer – 75% of people with high blood pressure don’t even know they have it
1 in 2 adults and a quarter of children in South Africa are overweight
210 people die from heart disease every day
80% of these premature deaths can be prevented by eating better, moving more, and avoiding smoking
So, start making cardio more fun! Go on… get some.
Looking for more info on your ticker? These four things could actually be ruining your heart health and here are the healthy heart foods you should be eating more of. 

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