Why Are Body Oils So Good For Your Skin?

by | May 8, 2023 | Skincare

Body oils are so nourishing, so luxurious and super hydrating. Unlike lotions that require much rubbing to seal moisture into the skin, oils have properties that are extra good for skin care. Let’s have a quick lesson: Body oils are made up mainly of — that’s right  — oil. Oils have properties which make it uniquely beneficial for skin care. As it is an occlusive, it forms a physical barrier over your skin to stop water loss. Additionally, being an emollient, it fills gaps between skin cells with fatty substances to leave skin soft and soothed. Due to these benefits, oils make great additions to your skincare routine – so let’s delve right in!

The Benefits Of Using Body Oils

Did you know that body oils have superpowers beyond their glistening effect? Not only do they penetrate deeper into the skin than lotions or creams, resulting in more effective hydration and protection from dryness and flakiness, but they can also help fight against free radicals. Plus, many body oils contain antioxidants to combat damage from these radicals, aiding in maintaining youthful-looking skin for longer. There is also evidence that body oils have anti-inflammatory benefits and can soothe redness and inflammation caused by various skin conditions. With all these beneficial effects, the question now becomes: what are the best oils for your unique skin type?

The Best Oils For Your Skin Type

Choosing the right body oil for your skin type can make a huge difference in how effective it is. For dry skin, look for oils that are high in fatty acids such as avocado or almond oil. These oils will help to moisturise and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Have oily or acne-prone skin? Try using tea tree oil, aloe or jojoba oil. These oils possess anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce redness and inflammation caused by breakouts. If you have sensitive skin should opt for gentler options like chamomile or lavender essential oils. They’re known to soothe irritation caused by allergies or other environmental factors while also promoting healthy circulation throughout all layers of the dermis.

More Good-For-You Ingredients To Look Out For

  • Olive Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Safflower Seed Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Sesame Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Borage Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Oat Oil
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Bitter Apricot Oil
  • Rose Hip Oil
  • Chamomile Oil
  • Shea Butter

How To Use Body Oils

Body oils have glistening superpower, and they can offer much more than just that. They are more easily absorbed into the skin than lotions or creams, allowing them to provide deep hydration on a cellular level. Furthermore, many body oils contain powerful antioxidants that help combat free radical damage, resulting in younger-looking, healthier skin. With anti-inflammatory properties, they can even be used to soothe and calm irritated skin due to conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Get ready to glow up with the body oil best suited for your skin!

Our Top Picks

They are super moisturising and can have glow, fragrant or reparative effects, here are our faves


L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil

This oil is worth having on your radar. Formulated with more than 50% almond oil, this light, fine oil effectively helps skin feel supple and velvety. Your skin will feel nourished thanks to the combo of almond oil, rich in omega 6 and camelina oil, rich in omega 3. 


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Neroli

The term “dry oil,” head scratcher we know. But this describes the way the oil acts when it comes into contact with your skin. Any oil that your skin absorbs quickly can be referred to as a dry oil. What we love about this product is that nourishes the face, body and hair in a single step.  It contains a delicate alchemy of precious organic oils (ente plum oil and sesame Oil). And has soothing notes of Neroli – perfection.


Dr Teal’s Body Oil Relax & Relief With Eucalyptus & Spearmint

This body oil contains pure Epsom Salt which helps to ease aches and pains. It’s enriched with luxurious essential oils and nourishes skin and seal’s in the moisture.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil

This oil ain’t playing around – it hydrates! Made with a potent blend of moisturising ingredients to deliver intensive all-over moisture for the face, body and hair. It is clinically proven to moisturise for up to 12 hours. It doesn’t have the traditional 8-Hour Cream scent, but it does have a light floral fragrance.  Plus this lightweight formula can easily absorb into the skin and hair.


Sunday Riley Fairy Godmother Shimmering Body Oil 

This just oil just gives and gives. An all-over golden shimmer oil that sinks in and nurtures the skin with glow-boosting antioxidants. Supercharged with vitamin C to give skin luminous radiance while targeting the appearance of discolourations. CoQ10 provides antioxidant support and Tahitian gardenia extract envelops the skin in nourishing tropical-scented moisture. This dry body oil instantly absorbs, leaving behind a subtle, tinted sparkle and smooth hydration.


ISDIN HydroLotion SPF 50

This is a dry-oil body sunscreen (remember: moisturises intensely but dries immediately without leaving a trace). This oil offers triple benefits – high factor UV protection, antioxidant detoxification and hydration. Suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin. Dermatologist tested. Water-resistant. It leaves the skin more flexible, elastic and with a brighter appearance.


Maison Francis Kurdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Body Oil

This non-greasy body oil has a light texture which is rapidly absorbed by the skin leaving it satiny smooth and delicately scented. You can layer this oil to achieve the ultimate long-lasting scent.

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Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

This body oil made from 100% pure plant extracts, formulated with essential oils of rosemary, geranium and mint, helps firm, tone and improve the elasticity of the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. What we love most, it contains hazelnut oil to lock in moisture and leave the skin satiny soft. We’ll take two. 


The Body Shop Hair & Body Oil Mandarin & Bergamot 

You can massage this oil all over your skin and hair. Its zesty, citrusy scent leaves you feeling recharged and energised so you can get a fresh start to your day. Gives that body a top-to-toe glow and leaves your hair looking shiny.


REN Moroccan Body Oil

There’s an instantaneous “Oooh, this is niiiice”-factor that comes the second you feel the silky orange oil out of this bottle. This luxurious and deeply hydrating body oil infused with Moroccan Rose to intensively nourish and replenish your skin, and help soothe your mind.


Molton Brown Oudh Accord & Gold Body Oil 

This feels like you’re rubbing yourself in a well-deserved pool of luxurious self-care. Mesmerising Oudh Accord Gold Precious Body Oil is a shiny body oil infused with radiant Indian moringa and perfumed with notes of precious old, myrrh and honey. Indian moringa oil melts directly on the skin, leaving the skin soft and deeply hydrated with a radiant glow.


Bramley Aloe Vera & Olive Oil Tissue Oil 

A fast favourite! This bargain bottle is proof that an extravagant body pampering experience doesn’t have to come at an indulgent price tag.  This body oil contains sustainably sourced natural aloe and olive oils. A no-frills way to achieve soft and non-irritated skin. Aloe helps with burns, cuts, and inflamed skin. Its lightweight oil has the most amazing subtle scent. 



A cult favourite that has been a favourite here and of dermatologists, and skin-care enthusiasts for years. It’s made up of a blend of soothing lavender, chamomile, and sunflower oils, plus it’s plenty powerful. Best for stretch marks, pigmentation and overall skin tone.

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