Why Is Everyone Glueing Their Eyebrows?!

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Make-up

By Zinhle Zikalala
You might raise your eyebrows at this trend…
Oh wait, that’s if you don’t have glue on them already. Yup, slathering your brows with a stick of glue is happening.  
The digital kweens of beauty (vloggers) are covering their eyebrows with glue – non-toxic, of course – to matt down their hairs to create a texture-less, smooth surface for fleektafied brows. 
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How Does It Work?

A video posted by Lauren Elyse (@laur_elyse) on

The glue stick trick allows you to get a perfectly smooth brow surface, making it easier to completely cover them with make-up, sans eyebrow hairs sticking out.
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Who Is Doing It?

Lilly J Collins is. She says on www.mtv.co.uk, “A make-up artist used a glue stick (applied with a finger) to set my brows. Unlike eyebrow gel, it doesn’t flake off. It does work and washes off easily with warm water.” 

We must admit though, her #BrowGame is on steroids and it’s giving us life. 
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