Why Nutri-B Energy Is The Multivitamin You Need RN!

by | May 23, 2022 | Food & Nutrition

Keeping up with life’s demands can get stressful, and while adding more hours to your day isn’t possible, wouldn’t it be nice if you could give yourself a quick boost of energy when you really need it? Well, Nutri-B Energy fizzies is your solution for the vitality boost you’ve been looking for.

What’s In It

Nutri-B Energy provides an instant energy boost that will revitalise your mind and body, and get you through even the most hectic of days. That’s thanks to the B-complex vitamins packed into every effervescent to protect you from the effects of everyday stress, while sustaining natural energy. That’s all without the crash or slump at the end of the day.
Nutri-B Energy contains Theanine, a non-sedating amino acid with possible anti-anxiety effects. Combined with taurine, which is an amino acid that scientists believe may improve heart function, plus zinc & vitamin C to protect cells against oxidative stress in the body and support immunity, Nutri-B Energy fizzies are a great way to boost energy and supplement good health.

The Benefits

Feel the FIZZ of Nutri-B’s great-tasting Energy fizzies in sugar-free Orange or Tropical flavour that are sure to make your tastebuds dance while giving you enhanced mental focus, improved physical stamina and vitality, and reduced fatigue. The best part is that they contain a zero-calorie artificial sweetener, so you don’t have to compromise your health and fitness goals while enjoying a fizzy pick-me-up!
For anyone who wants to make the most of every day and level up, Vitaforce Nutri-B Energy is just what you need to power through and make it happen. Nutri-B energy is suitable for adults and children 14 years and older and it suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
May the Vitaforce be with you. Visit www.vitaforce.co.za and @VitaforceSA on Facebook to find out more.


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