Why We’re Crazy About The September/October 2023 Issue

by | Sep 21, 2023 | Cover Star

The craze to look perfect has become wilder, perhaps since the advent of social media. Let’s face it, being inundated with (sometimes) photoshopped-to-death images of high school friends or acquaintances seeming like they’re winning at life and smashing their body goals is enough to leave anyone green with envy! We’re here to preach losing weight the healthy way and in our editor’s words, remembering that:

“Weight loss goals should be born out of self-improvement, as opposed to negative thoughts about one’s body.” Can we get an Amen!

Most importantly, the September/October 2023 issue, themed The Weight Loss Issue is also here to remind you to celebrate and take care (the best way you know how) of the very body that enables you to experience life in its entirety.

Women’s Health September/October 2023

1. Seriously, What’s There Not To Love About Model Winnie Harlow?

Our September/October 2023 cover star is the indomitable model Winnie Harlow. Honestly, who better to remind us of the importance of self-acceptance and abiding by our own standards than a woman who survived being bullied for her vitiligo. And it’s all in our favourite quote from her story: “I want to show the world that beauty is whatever we each want it to be.” Winnie has since made a success out of being comfortable in her own skin — and you can too!

women's health latest issue
Women’s Health September/October 2023

2. Ready For Our Annual WH Beauty Special?

‘Tis the season to fill your shopping cart with some ride-or-die products featured in our WH Beauty Special. The products – ranging from the most reasonable to the priciest, newbies on the block as well as some OGs – will leave you wanting to reinvent your skin and beauty regimen ahead of the busy summer days and beyond. Do try our recommendations, then come back to thank us later.

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Women’s Health September/October 2023

There is a so-called ‘skinny jab’ sold under brand names Ozempic, Wegovy and Rybelsus that promises speedy weight loss results with minimal effort, whose side effects are not spoken about enough. In the feature Are You Tempted By The Thin-Jection, we delve into the pros, cons and nitty-gritties of this popular drug that has taken the internet and international celebrity by storm. Get the facts on page 100 and form your own opinion thereafter.

women's health latest issue
Women’s Health September/October 2023

4. When Meal Time Is The Biggest Culprit

Oh, oh – did that headline strike a nerve? More and more evidence is finding that when we eat our meals is just as important as what we do after eating. In this detailed feature, we bring you science-backed evidence on how mealtimes sabotage and benefit your weight loss journey — all simplified for your convenience.

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women's health latest issue
Women’s Health September/October 2023

5. Braai Season Is Officially Upon Us

Here’s to more evenings dining outdoors and simple meals brought to life by the intricate flavours from your braai stand. Expect ingenious, simple and scrumptious dishes, some tips on how to bring them to life and all the the braai tools you will need.

Remember…It’s never too late to start living well. Find the September/October 2023 issue of Women’s Health on shelves now, or buy yourself a digital copy. Happy reading and happy reinventing (of self)!

Women's Health Sep/Oct Issue 2023

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