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by | Jul 7, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

The importance of a great night’s rest can’t be understated. According to the National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute, sleep is essential for supporting healthy brain function and maintaining physical health.

Without quality zzz’s, you’re at risk of heart disease, stroke and even obesity. That’s because not getting enough nap time can up your body’s release of hunger hormones, priming you to eat more, which can pack on the kilos. Good sleep helps you react better, fine-tunes your decision-making and has you feeling (and looking) amazing.

Luckily, there are many tools that can lead to sweet repose. The sleep enhancers that go the distance? Tools and technology that tackle the real culprits keeping everyone up at bedtime. That’s tough-to-manage anxiousness that hits later and a malfunctioning body clock, experts agree. Fortunately, there is a slew of products that offer natural and effective ways to retrain the mind and body for slumber and to stick to a consistent routine.

We’ve rounded up the best tools in our Sleep Special, on shelves now. And we’ve partnered with Restonic, Goodleaf, Dream On and Hästens so you can win a few of the essential tools to a great night’s rest.

Win a great night’s rest

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We’ve partnered with Restonic so you could win the chance to drift off with the Queen Size Restonic iDream Zonal Flex Plush Base Set, valued at R12 999.

Restonic bed

Restonic makes truly great beds, with premium support core foam, which supports your body over its entire surface consistently, and evenly. The beds are also made using recycled plastic bottles that deliver ultimate comfort while being environmentally conscious. Win-win.


We’ve partnered with Goodleaf so you could win premium CBD products. This includes the Restore Nourishing Night Moisturiser, Goodleaf CBD drops, CBD Powder Sachets and the CBD Roller. Whatever stands between you and quality sleep will simply snooze away.

goodleaf CBD drops

Goodleaf products are made from premium cannabis, using the non-psychotropic CDB, or cannabidiol. It’s a type of cannabinoid and is a non-intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD is the compound responsible for the overwhelmingly positive side effects and benefits of Cannabis. Think restful sleep, eased anxiety and more.

Dream On

With Dream On, you could win a package of their aromatherapy Pillow Patches. Simply slip one in your pillowcase and get ready to be drifted into la la land…

Easy-to-use Dream On aromatherapy Pillow Patches are made with a curated blend of essential oils to promote sleep, relaxation and anxiety relief. The brainchild of Abigail Bisogno and Ken Lazarus, both seasoned retailers and entrepreneurs, the Pillow Patches make use of the ancient therapeutic practice of aromatherapy.


Hästens is giving away one of their premium bathrobes, valued at R11 950. They’re made of 100% cotton and are the perfect addition to cosy mornings and a good night’s sleep.

Hästens provides beds that are free of chemicals, free of electricity, and free of any substances that can harm your sleep. All their models provide excellent sleep, with layers of natural materials such as flax, horsetail hair, and cotton.

The winner will be announced on the 18th of August on our social media channels – so keep a look out!

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