4 Experts In Different Fields Share How They Switch Up Their Beauty Routine In Winter

by | May 15, 2018 | Skincare

Colder weather can bring on unhappy skin – dry, flaky and dull.  This season, however, we’re going to help you maintain your summer glow. Get ready for the best winter skincare tips from experts in the know.

dry and ashy body and face are telltale signs that you’ve been getting dressed as quickly as possible in the morning without taking any real care of your skin. (We’ve all been there…) It’s time for a skin wintervention: we’ve got advice from a dermatologist, dietician, facialist and our 2016 WH Next Fitness Star on how they survive winter. Here are their best holistic tips for saving your skin from feeling… Blue.

The Fitness Star

Take note of #WHNextFitStar Mapule Ndhlovu’s best locker-room beauty tips to keep you looking refreshed and glowing post-workout.

Don’t skip the sip: It’s easy to forget that skin is affected by how much or how little H2O we drink. First thing in the morning, drink lots of water and don’t forget to down a glass before bed. Dehydrated skin will make you look washed out.

Give your skin a workout: Dry winter skin can lead to dead skin cell build-up, clogging pores (hello, bacne) and making it appear dull. A basic regimen to stick to is to cleanse, exfoliate and finish with a scar repair oil every morning and evening. It’s the best workout routine for your skin!

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Strengthen: Winter sun can still be harsh, so always use sunscreen. It takes at least 20 minutes to be absorbed into your skin and begin working, so apply it at least 15 minutes before you leave the house. Did you know that the skin on our arms and legs gets particularly dry because they have fewer oil glands than other parts of the body? If your skin is thirsty (not that kind of thirsty), invest in a moisturising suncream that is fast-absorbing.

The Facialist

Julanda Marais is a skincare boss. Manager of the spa at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff in Joburg, here she gives us her pro tips.

Treat yourself: Monthly beauty treatments will keep your skin looking bright throughout winter. One of the best beauty treatments to try is the Gold Hydralifting Facial by Omorovicza (R2 200). It’s a 90-minute repairing and hydrating treatment that starts with a double application of Hungarian moor mud to cleanse, exfoliate and peel away dead skin. It finishes with a sprinkling of gold shimmer oil to give you the summer glow you’ve been dreaming about.

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Regenerate your skin: Always cleanse your face at the end of the day – exposure to the elements can really take its toll – and finish with a deeply nourishing, regenerating cream that will feed your skin while you sleep.

Lip treatment: It’s easy to forget your lips during winter… Until they become chapped and sore. Revive and nourish them with a cooling, plumping lip balm. The ingredients to look out for? Shea butter and eucalyptus oil – they leave lips feeling fuller, softer and smoother.

The Derm

Dr Nomphelo Gantsho is the go-to have-perfect-skin-forever-and-ever expert. Here’s her guide to keeping your skin hydrated this winter.

Be a well-oiled machine: Facial oils are for anyone whose skin could use a nourishing and renewing boost – and they’re especially good in winter and for those in a drier climate. Take heed though, oils are comedogenic (they block pores) and could cause breakouts when worn throughout the day on the face. If oils aren’t for you, go with a cream, they work well because they penetrate skin easily, which makes them especially compatible with other products, i.e. they work well under make-up.

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Hit the HA: Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a polymer made up of two sugars and is produced naturally throughout the body. It’s a water-loving molecule so it attracts moisture and is able to bind up to 1 000 times its weight in H2O, which it uses to provide continuous hydration to the skin. HA and collagen are vital for maintaining your skin’s layers and structure and while collagen gives skin its firmness, it’s HA that nourishes the collagen. Look for it in your serums, moisturisers and masks.

Cream in time: A good body moisturiser is one of the most essential ingredients in your winter skincare cupboard. After a bath or shower, apply a hydrating cream within two minutes of leaving the warm water: it will replenish the skin with valuable lipids – mechanisms to a healthy barrier function – keeping your skin soft and supple.

The Dietician

Kelly Lynch knows that beautiful skin comes from within. Here’s her guide to feeling good inside and out.

From the inside: When it comes to your skin, it’s important to pay attention to what you put into your mouth because your skin is a good representation of what is going on inside your body. Lots of fresh and real foods are vital for feeling good on the inside and looking good on the outside, but, as we know, caffeine is not so good, so, sorry, coffee queens, limit your intake to one really delicious java per day.

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Eat for glow: In terms of skin nutrients, antioxidants like vitamin E and zinc have both been shown to help improve skin quality. Vitamin E is found  in almonds and sunflower seeds, as well as leafy green vegetables, like spinach or kale. Zinc can be found in meat, seafood and legumes, such as chickpeas and kidney beans. Spinach and kale also contain some zinc – so a green smoothie daily isn’t just good for the bod, it’ll perk up your skin as well.

Chase the sun: Did you know that vitamin D is actually a hormone? It communicates with other hormones in your body to help maintain healthy cells. So, soak up some sun – just remember to wear sunscreen, winter rays can still do a number on your skin.

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