5 Great Reasons To Buy The March/April 2023 Issue Of Women’s Health

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Cover Star

Let’s help place your goals within easy reach with the latest issue of Women’s Health — packed to the brim with practical life hacks, health, wellness, fitness and beauty tips that your body will thank ya for.

1. Get Weight-Loss Secrets From Cover Star @TheLeanGirl

cover story

Find out what our March/April 2023 cover star Angelique Daubermann, popularly known as @TheLeanGirl on Instagram, has to say about the simple, science-backed hacks that will have you turn your back on yo-yo dieting and restrictive eating plans. The proof? Look no further than Angelique’s toned bod! To die for, right?

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2. Learn To Set Firmer Boundaries, Minus The Guilt

We highly recommend adding boundaries to your daily to-do list. Why you may ask? They’re not just therapy-speak but are superb for your mental health. We help you set and reinforce yours on page 68 (Boundaries Under Construction). 

3. Get A Step-By-Step Goal Guide To Help You Smash 2023

Lagging behind on those resolutions? We have some good news for you. There are new rules in town for setting and achieving goals, even the most ambitious of them! The latest research, featured in the Goal Guide feature(page 102), will have you ticking of those goals in no time. 

4. Delish Recipes That Help You Manage Your Blood Sugar

Discover how to manage blood sugar levels with healthier, expert-curated recipes that’ll help control glucose levels  – and moderate insulin – by making proteins the focus of each meal, thereby fast-tracking your fat loss efforts. Was that a mouthful? Head over to page 109 (Balance On A Plate) in the latest issue of Women’s Health to try out the simple recipes!  

5. Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Sports Bras (And Get Our Hand-Picked Selection Of The Best Sports Bras To Buy)

A good sports bra is to your boobs what meditation is to your soul. Our eight-page special highlights the latest sports bra innovations, and how they fuse style with research to bring you the support you need while exercising. Everything you need to know awaits on page 88 (Support Science).

Remember…It’s never too late to start living well. Find the March/April 2023 issue of Women’s Health on shelves now, or get yourself a digital copy right away. Happy reading!

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