REVEALED: The Winner Of Women’s Health Next Fitness Star 2019!

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Fitness

Women’s Health is thrilled to announce the winner of the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star 2019 competition as Joburg-based-financial science degree graduate-turned-fitness instructor, Nomawothi Bafana.

Nomawothi Bafana’s first fitness class didn’t go well. Her dad has suggested she try a Kick class with him, and although she’d always played sport at school, she just couldn’t master the moves.

“I didn’t know what was left or right at all,” she recalls. “I cried in my first class. I was like, ‘Dad, I can’t do this and I’m not a failure. So I’m just gonna leave.'” But the instructor noticed Nomawothi struggling and encouraged her to try again. With extra help and guidance, she was able to learn the moves. “That’s when I realised, oh my word, I think I want to be a trainer,” she says.

Nomawothi finished her B.Com financial science degree, went on to do master’s tax and currently works at an audit firm. But she’s built a thriving side hustle, running group fitness classes and outdoor boot camps where she helps people learn to enjoy moving their bodies in fun new ways, just like she did.

Women’s Health editor Danielle Weakley says: “I love Nomawothi for several reasons – the first is her enviable energy (this is a girl who can host a fitness class!), the second is the body positivity positioning of her alter ego – Melanin Fit! Thirdly, she balances her passion for fitness with her busy everyday life as a tax accountant.”

After being told she is the winner of the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star 2019 competition, Nomawothi says she’s “feeling overwhelmed and so excited for this opportunity! I didn’t do this alone — there are incredible women who have continued to inspire me. I’m looking forward to motivating others on this new journey.”

Top Tip From Nomawothi

“First find what you enjoy. Visit different gyms and see what you’re comfortable with and if you actually like a gym. If you don’t, try outdoor boot camps. If you don’t enjoy that, try a fitness centre where you have tennis courts and outdoor swimming pools. And have fun. There’s no use going through a fitness journey if you’re not going to have fun with it.”

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