Which Type Of Workout Is The Best Match For Your Personality?

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It can be tough to find the motivation to push hard in the gym when it’s just you, the gym floor and a world of places you’d rather be. But changing up how you structure your workout according to your personality can make it easier to find the will to work hard and even — dare we say it? — make exercise fun. Use this guide to find the type of workout that’s best suited to you and let the gains begin!

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Your motto: Life is a race. If there’s a task that needs completing, you’re going to finish it first. If there’s team work involved, your team is the best, obvs.

Your Type Of Workout: AMRAP

It stands for As Many Reps (or Rounds) As Possible. The goal is to complete as many reps of an exercise or rounds of a workout as you can in a certain amount of time — but without losing form. So no cheating! If you hardly bent your elbows in a push-up, for example, that push-up doesn’t count. Every time you do the workout, write your score down. Next time, try to beat it.

Works best for: Simple moves that you can do quickly. Avoid complicated weighted moves (like deadlifts) where a slip in form could easily cause you to hurt yourself. You’ll need a timer and something to record your score (you can use your phone for both).

This AMRAP workout from trainer Jade Upton will give you legs for dayyyys!

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You like to know what’s coming next so you can prepare yourself. When a trainer lies to you about “one last rep” you feel genuinely betrayed — and a little murderous. You function at your best when you know what you’re aiming for.

Your Type Of Workout: Circuit

You do a set number of reps of a set selection of moves in the same order for a predetermined number of rounds (e.g. 10 reps each of squats, push-ups, biceps curls and sit-ups, in that order, repeated four times). After the first round, you’ll know what the workout feels like. Aim to build intensity in the next round (go a bit faster; add a bit more weight if the moves felt too easy etc) then aim to maintain consistency until the last round. In other words, you want to try and not slow down.

Best for: Weight training and functional training, although you can use circuits in any kind of workout.

Try this strength circuit by coach Tayla Faulmann for a full-body burn.

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You can go harder and faster than anyone else in the room… but only for short periods. You don’t understand why anyone would want to run for longer than five kays, let alone where they find the endurance. But a burst of intensity that’s over quickly? Bring it on!

Your Type Of Workout: EMOM

This one stands for Every Minute On The Minute. You’ll need a timer again. Your goal is to complete a certain number of reps of an exercise at the start of each minute. Any seconds left in that minute count as rest. So the quicker you complete the required reps (with good form!) the more rest you get.

Best for: Functional body-weight moves that have a cardio element, like skipping, burpees or shuttle runs.

Think you need a gym to get a good workout? You can tone your core with a couple of paper plates!


You enjoy the thrill of leaving things to chance and not knowing what’s coming next. When a trainer surprises you with a few extra reps, you love-hate them and feel pumped up about rising to the extra challenge. Surprises are your best.

Your Type Of Workout: Fartlek

This type of training is popular in running programmes and involves mixing things up. So instead of just running at a comfortable pace for five kays, you’d include some sprints to train different muscles and energy systems in one session. You can use the same principle to spice up your time on the cardio machines at the gym. Set the machine to your comfortable go-to pace, but plan a few cues in advance – for example, every time you see someone in a red shirt you have to sprint for 30 seconds, or shuffle your playlist and every time a Beyoncé song plays you have to turn the resistance up for the duration of the song. Not a machine kinda girl? On the functional floor, every time you see a red shirt, you need to stop what you’re doing and bang out ten burpees!

Best for: Cardio machines; road running or cycling

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