6 Workout Gear Essentials For When You’re Trying To Shed The Baby Weight

by | May 2, 2018 | FitMama, Fitness, Style

Some new moms can’t wait to get back into their old exercise regimen; others can’t wait to get back into their old jeans. Whatever your motivation is, the right gear will make all the difference. First, get your doctor’s go-ahead to start exercising. Then, start with these essentials.

1/ High-rise Bottoms

To perform at your best during a workout, you need to feel comfortable. If you’re not used to having loose skin and a wobbly tummy jiggling around while you jog and find it distracting, opt for tights with a higher waistband. You want a little bit of compression to keep everything contained, but the fit shouldn’t be so restrictive that it digs into your skin.

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If you prefer the idea of comfy tracksuit pants, avoid overheating by choosing a pair made for performance. The more fitted style will move easily with your body and the fabric technology will help keep you cool and dry.

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2/ High-Impact Sports Bra

Your breasts are probably a couple of sizes bigger than before. And that means they need support. No more getting away with that threadbare, cheapie sports bra from five years ago. Doing any kind of exercise without the right support can cause serious injury to your breast tissue, as well as back pain. Look for a padded, moulded bra with broad straps. And choose darker fabric because, you know, leakage.

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3/ Supportive Shoes

After giving birth vaginally, you could be cleared for exercise as early as six weeks post-partum (yay!) but pregnancy hormones, like relaxin, linger in your body for at least five months. And they can cause your joints and ligaments to be less stable, increasing your risk for injury. This is why it’s best to ease back into exercise with low-impact activities such as Pilates, rather than hopping straight into a HIIT class. Also important: Footwear with extra stability to protect your knees and ankles.

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4/ Skipping Rope

With a newborn, it’s hard to find time to wash your hair, let alone hit the gym or go for a jog. A skipping rope is an easy way to get a workout in at home. Just five minutes a day – even if they’re spaced out – will improve circulation, make you more alert, boost your heart health and tone your legs (buh-bye, cankles!) so you can sneak it in when baba is sleeping.

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5/ Yoga Mat

Gentle yoga and Pilates are among the best forms of exercise you can do as a new mom. They’ll strengthen your pelvic floor and help your abdominal muscles recover. And that relaxin in your body will help you get deeper into poses than you’ve ever managed before.

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6/ Resistance Bands

Like the skipping rope, a resistance band is an easy way to sneak some exercise into your day at home. It also allows you to tone your muscles without the injury risk of lifting heavy weights. Get a set of low, medium and high-impact resistance bands so you can increase your resistance as you get stronger.

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