5 Signs You’re Pushing Yourself Dangerously Hard During Your Workout

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Fitness

Use this metre to gauge your daily and weekly workout intensity so you know whether you’re pushing yourself too hard – or not hard enough. To get lasting results, you want to strive to fall into that middle ground (what PT Jade Teta calls ‘the Goldilocks zone’) most days of the month.

If you find yourself in the #4 zone below, things are getting a bit too intense. And by #5, your body is giving you serious clues that it’s unhappy. Think: pain, insomnia, missed periods.

1. Couch Potato Status

Exhausted; lots of cravings; trouble sleeping; winded during normal activities.

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2. Could Push A Bit Harder

Not sore in the 24 to 48 hours after a workout; spikes in appetite; feeling lethargic or apathetic.

3. The Goldilocks Zone

Fall asleep easily and sleep well; feel energised; tired muscles (lessens within 48 hours); seeing or feeling new results.

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4. Overdoing It

Tired, even after sleeping well; frequent headaches; regular workout feels harder; very sensitive to stress; hungrier than usual.

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5. Total Burnout

Can’t sleep/insomnia; muscle pain that doesn’t go away; moody or easily pissed off; eating more than usual/always hungry; missed period.

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