5 Super-Lit Durban Music Tracks That’ll Make You Want To Work Out

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Fitness

Durban is home of the new and popular music genre called ‘gqom’ – and the upbeat, high-tempo vibe will leave you with no choice but to move your body – no matter where you are. In a club… or even in the gym.

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So we’ve compiled a few of tracks that will make your gym experience feel more like a party – whether you’re hitting the treadmill, grunting through the weights section or sweating it out with a cardio sesh.

Running On The Treadmill

This is a pretty straightforward workout – and, let’s be honest, it’s a bit boring. All you do is run, change pace, and maybe toss in an incline every now and again. In this case, you need a track that will keep you entertained and encourage you to keep on running.

Try: DJ Maphorisa – Midnight Starring ft. DJ Tira, Busiswa, Moonchild Sanelly

This track includes a woman chanting that you’re the ‘starring’ – all the motivation that you need to keep on going. And going. And going…

Doing A Hectic Cardio Session

For a lot of us, cardio can be pretty tough. Your heart rate is up, you’re sweating buckets and you’re really feeling every muscle that you work. So, what do you need? Something to help you maintain your momentum, while making you feel super-badass as you murder those workouts.

Try: Gobisiqolo – Bhizer ft Busiswa, SC Gorna, Bhepepe

This tracks directly translates to you bending your back – it’s a squat-like dance move… and a workout in itself!

While You Lift Weights

If you’ve seen the facial expressions of people lifting weights, you’ll know that it’s proper challenging. Think endurance levels on steroids – no, really. So if endurance gives you the shivers, you need a song that’ll at least encourage you to keep on going.

Try: TDK MaCassette ft Dj Raybel x Dj Maphorisa x Dash – iWalk ye Phara

This track is as hardcore as lifting is: the beat and the constantly chanted ‘woza’ and ‘swidi wodwa lo’ (suggestions that it’s easy and you can do it) will keep you at it.

When You Do HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a combination of high-intensity exercising followed by varied periods of low intensity. So here you need a track that will accommodate both the highs and the lows.

Try: Dladla Mshunqisi ft Distruction Boyz & DJ Tira – Pakisha

This bang of a song will inject you with mega bursts of energy, but gives you a few seconds in between to catch your breath. The perfect combo.


Skipping is all about consistency – and what you’re listening to while you jump can easily influence your rhythm. Here, you need a song with a constant beat, but also one to challenge you to up your pace and change your styles as you skip.

Try: Tipcee ft Busiswa, DJ Tira & Distruction Boyz – iScathulo

This song is perfect for skipping as its tempo shifts between highs and lows, giving you time to slow down and catch your breathe before you go hard again.

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