These Are The Workout Trainers Women’s Health Editors Swear By

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Fitness

When it comes to buying workout trainers, the pool of choices is pretty wide and it’s easy to get bogged down in the technical details. Thankfully, there are go-to tips for finding the best shoe for your foot, and now we’re revealing our actual favourite shoes: the ones we keep grabbing, over and over again, the ones that make us feel like we can keep going, the ones that make our feet feel like a million bucks. Here they are.

Puma Hybrid Rocket Runner

R2 299 at Puma stores

“The best thing about these shoes is how versatile they are. Firstly, they feel equally comfortable running on the treadmill and the road – the cushioned midsole with those risotto-like beads gives you a bouncy landing that takes the slog out of running and feels easier on my joints. I have narrow feet and I worried that they might be a bit roomy at first (if you have broad feet, rejoice!), but wearing slightly thicker socks and playing around with the lacing took care of that problem.

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“I’m not a long-distance runner, but I’d feel comfortable running parkrun or even up to ten kays in these shoes. I also wore them for HIT functional training. I was a bit concerned that the built-up sole would be a problem for jumps and lateral movements, but the shoe has good stability, which counteracted that. Plus the aforementioned bounce made skipping so much easier!

“I’ll always recommend having a separate pair of flat-soled training shoes in addition to your running shoes if you can, but that gets hella expensive. If you can only afford one good pair of tekkies that needs to do both – and look good with jeans! – these are a good option.” – Wanita Nicol, WH Deputy & Fitness Editor

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Under Armour Threadborne  Blur

R2 199 at Sportsmans Warehouse

“The ultimate speed work shoe, this is what I use to run my sprint sessions and fast 5km time trials. Because it’s so light with good propulsion, it makes you want to run faster and it’s really breathable too, thanks to the Threadborne knit upper. Initially when I put the shoe on I thought it felt quite hard, but once I got going it was more responsive than I’d anticipated. If you’re the type of gal who runs at the gym, prefers shorter, powerful running sessions or you’re looking to break your parkrun PB, then these are the shoes for you.” – Amy Hopkins, Food and Managing Editor

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adidas Parley Ultraboost

R2 999 at adidas

I’m a pronator, which means that my shoes always need arch support or I end up wobbling all over the place when I run. But at the same time, heavier shoes tend to drag me down. I’m already obsessed with the shoe because it ticks three very important boxes: breathable upper that feels like a hug, soft, cushioned sole that gives you incredible bounce, and a caged outer that supports your midfoot so you don’t wobble on uneven terrain. Also, did I mention the shoes are made from recycled plastic as part of their collab with Parley? Winner winner chicken dinner.

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