Classic Or Digital — What Your Wristwatch Says About You

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Style

By Teresa Agnello; Photography by Pexels

Are you a true classic, or a digital mover and shaker?

Nowadays, it can be overwhelming to keep up with new tech — all those gadgets with their intricate features — but luckily for us, the standard wristwatch has made a comeback.

No time frame for watch trends

Despite the booming smart watch market, there’s nothing as timeless and classic as owning a wristwatch. It’s sole purpose? Stylishly telling the time.

We love that old-school analogue devices and styles are flying the cool flag. Think: listening to your fave beats on a vinyl player, and typewriter-style fonts. Yup, a nostalgic throwback to a time before we were glued to our screens is being embraced.

Fashion vs function

The Seventies saw the invention of the first digital watch. Since then, there has been a major shift in watch trends. It became more of a fashion accessory rather than a practical device, essentially serving two purposes — an extension of style, while being functional.

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The actual difference

Analogue: An analogue watch tells the time with ‘hands’ that sweep around a ‘dial’ which is a measurement of time —  referred to as an analogy of time.

Digital: A digital watch displays the time in actual numbers by transmission of information that is set by the user and is generally quicker and easier to read.

Which brings us to the big question: Are you a digital or analogue kinda gal?

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Digital vs analogue

There are millions of hot new styles in both formats to stay in style this season — from retro analogues to sporty digitals.

Pic one of our faves below to reveal your wristwatch personality:

1.Bold & Sporty


“30 Lap” by Timex, R1399;  “Horological Smartwatch” by Frederique constant, R11 000

2. Retro & Sleek


“Mini Retro Digi” by Superdry, R895; “Joy Collectables Ladies Big” by Xinslon (available at Zando), R149

3. Feminine & Pretty


“New Look Fashion Watch Pink” by New Look (available at Zando), R229;  “Noemia” by Raymond Weil, R17 400

4. Blingy & Glam


“30 Lap” by Timex, R1999; “The studded strap watch” at Mr. Price, R99.99

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