We Asked A Yoga Instructor For The Best Back Stretches To Tackle Upper And Lower Back Pain

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Back pain? Join the club. Per the KZN Department of Health, some 30 to 40% of South Africans are affected by back pain at some point in their life. Back stretches help, so heed these tips from yogis for the best back stretches to ease out niggles and get that aah-inducing feeling that relieves it all.

So what causes back pain?

Back pain is caused by several conditions: arthritis that affects the lower back and spinal cord, osteoporosis (your spine’s vertebrae become brittle), or even muscle and ligament strain caused by repeatedly lifting heavy objects.

What’s more, sitting at a desk all day causes back pain to intensify. According to UCLA Health, “sitting in a slouched position can overstretch the spinal ligaments and strain the spinal discs”, leading to prolonged pain. Over time, these pains can be intensified. Got a bad posture? You can thank your slumped shoulders for back pain, too. Slumping or slouching loads your back in a way isn’t supported by your spinal structure. The offshoot? “The intricate network of muscles, discs, and joints in your back tend to be pushed beyond their tolerable limit, causing pain,” according to Spine Health.

The power of back stretches

Doing back stretches regularly can elongate the back, reduce the stiffness in the muscles supporting the back and improve the range of motion and overall mobility. Also, it could help you maintain a good posture, since the muscles are stretched out and are able to better support a good standing or sitting posture.

Yoga instructor Amy Hopkins weighed in on a few back stretches that can help with your back pain. Yoga is a popular workout for your rest days or for when you want to stretch or strengthen your muscles. Do these moves in your own flow every day and feel your back unwind.

Back stretch gear

These tools can elevate your stretching routine and deliver those aahs.

back stretches foam roller

Use a foam roller over your back to get some deep tissue massage going.

yoga block for back stretches

Prop a yoga block under your back to release tension and relax your back muscles.

yoga mat for back stretches

A yoga mat delivers comfort and helps with slipping while you stretch things out.

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Get started…

Start by releasing tension along the spine with a series of Cat and Cow postures. Begin in a tabletop position, hands beneath shoulders, knees beneath hips, on a mat or carpeted surface, fingers spread wide, tops of feet pressed into the mat. Do this slowly, five times each move for a total of 10 long breaths. These stretches bring flexibility into the spine and are great for stretching the back, hips and abdomen. They’re good for relieving lower back pain and sciatica (lower back into hips and butt).

The Cow Posture

Back stretches cat cow position

  1. Inhale as you lift your forehead and eyes to gaze up towards the ceiling.
  2. Drop the belly as you curl your spine, as if you have a Pilates ball balancing on your back.
  3. Actively tilting your tailbone upwards will help create the curve.

The Cat Posture

Back stretches cat position

  1. Exhale as you round the spine (imagine the ball is beneath you now) and suck your belly button into your spine.
  2. Press your hands into the mat, creating a lift in your shoulders.
  3. Drop your head and gaze towards your belly button.
  4. Actively tip your pelvis forward.
  5. Come back to a neutral tabletop position to move into the next pose.

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Back stretches for the upper back

Child’s Pose With Side Stretch

back stretches child's pose

  1. From tabletop position, bring your toes together and spread your knees so that each knee is at the edge of the mat.
  2. Fold forward over your lap and let your belly hang softly between your thighs, arms stretched out in front of you.
  3. Actively try reach your bum to meet your heels. This elongates the spine. Stay here for five to 10 breaths.
  4. Walk your left hand over to just outside the left side of the mat. Place your right hand on top of your left, so you really stretch out the right side of the back and shoulders. Hold for five to 10 breaths.
  5. Move your hands back through the centre, then over to the right side, placing the right hand outside the right side of the mat.
  6. Place your left hand on top of the right, so you feel a nice stretch along the left side of the back and shoulders. Stay here for five to 10 breaths.

Thread The Needle Pose (good for the whole back)

thread the needle position for back stretches

  1. From tabletop position, inhale to lift your right hand up towards the ceiling; as you exhale, thread the needle: bring the right hand and arm through the ‘hole’ you create on the left side with your left arm and left thigh.
  2. Bring the arm all the way through so you’re lying on your right shoulder and your right cheek and temple are on the mat. Extend the left hand out in front of you so your arms form perpendicular lines. Stay here for five to 10 breaths.
  3. Walk your left hand back to underneath the left shoulder; inhale as you push up through the left hand, lifting your right hand back up towards the ceiling. Exhale to place the right hand back on the mat, so you’re in a neutral tabletop position.
  4. Repeat on the other side, starting by inhaling as you lift your left hand towards the sky, and then thread the needle on the other side. Stay here for five to 10 breaths, then come back to tabletop position.

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Back stretches for the lower back

Supine Twist

supine twist for back stretches

  1. Lie on your back, bringing your arms into a T-shape.
  2. Bring your knees in towards your chest, then slowly release both knees over to the right-hand side.
  3. Rest your head either facing upwards or looking over your left shoulder.
  4. Keep both shoulders on the mat and try to keep your knees pressed together. If your top leg lifts up, you can fold a towel and place it between your knees (or use a yoga block).
  5. Stay here for five to 10 slow breaths. Bring your knees back up to centre and then over to the opposite side. Repeat.

Sphinx Pose

sphinx pose for back stretches

Hopkins says that because we spend so much time sitting, our lower backs can take a lot of strain. The Sphinx Pose is a counter-pose to sitting and promotes the natural curvature of the spine, relieving back pain.

  1. Start by lying on your stomach. Feet hip-width apart and with your forearms on the mat, bring your elbows to rest directly beneath your shoulders.
  2. Be mindful of the pressure on your lower back – if this is too painful, you can shift your elbows slightly forward.
  3. Hold the pose to five to 10 slow breaths. Release by lying on your belly, right cheek to the mat.
  4. You can then move into Child’s Pose to finish off.

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