Your Holiday Hair Survival Kit

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Hair

By Helen Clemson

Got these must-haves in your suitcase?

Along with your sunscreen, summer fragrance and party lip colour, there are a few hair essentials you need to pack before you jet off on holiday. Director and stylist at Carlton Hair, David Gillson has the scoop:
Be Oil Rich: “For your beach bag, pack a treatment hair oil for sea swimming. Once you’re out of the water, apply it straight away. It’ll make your hair easier to comb through.”
Pack the Tool of the Trade: “A brush like a Tangle Teezer is the ticket for knots.”
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Send Your Hair for Therapy: “Your holiday hair kit must include a product treatment (I recommend Davine’s Nounou Pak Nourishing Repairing Mask). However many times a week or month you’d normally use it, double it up while you’re on holiday. Make this commitment because your hair is going to be exposed to more sun as well as salt water and chemicals from swimming pools.”
Swim Safely: “Blonde? If you are swimming in an chlorinated pool a lot, a detoxifying shampoo removes chemicals from hair. Blondes hair might suffer from a green tinge after lots of swimming, and this type of shampoo will help.”
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