5 Reasons To Buy The July/August 2023 Issue of Women’s Health

by | Jul 7, 2023 | Cover Star

Whether you choose to call it mindful living or living intentionally, the time to live a life curated around purpose is now! We have a series of articles aimed at nudging you to scan your environment for those things that pose the greatest challenges to your mental health. We’re not only stopping there! Expect an issue packed to the brim with tools that will bolster your inner strength and eventually lead you down the path to a healthy and fulfilling life. Don’t worry – we’re right behind you, putting in the work with you!

1. Our Cover Star Connie Ferguson’s Playing By Her Own Fitness Rules…

…And we’re here for it! The 53-year-old legendary actress opens up about being inspired by her fit 87-year-old father, finally finding consistency in her forties, her unwavering loyalty to bread and celebrating her late husband Shona Ferguson daily. In a heartfelt interview with this ab-licious mom and grandmother, our deputy editor Kemong Mopedi found herself teary-eyed at the nuggets of wisdom Connie kept dropping throughout the interview. Now, it’s your turn to be inspired. Head over to page 78 of the latest issue!

2. Nutrition Class Is In

In case you didn’t get the memo: Different nutrients affect how our bodies release and store energy, i.e. while certain foods energise us, some leave us completely depleted. In The Anti-Burnout Cookbook, renowned nutritionist Rob Hobson compiled a list of ingredients best suited for maintaining a healthy and well-energised body. A team of chefs then curated the most delectable meals using these star ingredients. Whether you’re hanging on a thin thread in all corners of your life, we guarantee you that there will be a recipe to boost your mood and health, stat! 

3. Quality Sleep Has Many Benefits (Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise)

We cannot stress the importance of good, uninterrupted sleep enough! Yet, between our never-ending to-do lists and adulting’s endless demands, so many of us aren’t getting quality zzz’s. In this four-page special, we provide the latest tips, tricks and simple to innovative tools that will help elevate your sleep game. You can thank us when you finally wake up happier!

4. Future Bodies Are Built NOW!

Consider this here special a symbol of our investment in your body. Why? Because we want you to enjoy your current (and future) body to the max – at every age. From your twenties right through to your sixties and beyond, heed this catalogue of fitness fundamentals packed with secrets and facts on maintaining a strong, healthy and happy body.

5. Tweaking Our Habits, Improving Our Mental Health – That’s Right!

Ever seen how it’s always the small buys and transactions that eventually shrink your bank balance to next to nothing? Similarly, it’s always the small bad habits that worsen our mental health states. Fret not! Our feature 17.5 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health will give your habits the makeover they urgently need. It’s a compilation of small, yet impactful changes to introduce today. PSST: experts swear that they will elevate your mental health bit by bit. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day!

Remember…It’s never too late to start living well. Find the July/August 2023 issue of Women’s Health on shelves now, or buy yourself a digital copy. Happy reading!

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