The 5 Best Food Bars To Replace Your Breakfast

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Food & Nutrition

These food bars will become you busy post-workout butt’s best friend.

I’m totally not one for intermittent fasting. But sometimes I do it unintentionally because I get caught up in busy meetings, with too much coffee, and don’t have time to eat – or forget to eat entirely.

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This is a real problem for a girl who works out in the morning. Cue: hangry monster, foggy brain, spells of dizziness. Keeping my blood-sugar levels happily balanced and my tum nourished is crucial to being able to actually perform.

So my solution: easy-to-grab and nosh food bars! And here are my five faves for different occasions.

1/ Get Nakd Food Bars

Nakd food bars are my go-to gluten-free, dairy-free food bars. I buy these in bulk because they also fit easily into my running belt for long runs and my cycling pocket for those long rides. They have many other flavours (and some are on special), but this cocoa one is my favourite. These food bars are also made with simple, natural ingredients, like dates and nuts.

2/ Food Bars For The Whole Fam

South African company RUSH makes a whole lot of natural food bars made for the whole family, including a “Preggie Bar” and bars for kids, called “Rush Kids Monkey Bar” and “Rush Kids Grizzly Bar”. My fave is the Rush Training Bar. They’re all refined-sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free, but are high in protein. Now I’m going to tell you a secret: I bought a whole box of the Kids Grizzly Bars and used them as easy-to-stash fuel for a whole lot of cycling races. They’re the perfect size to squash in a pocket!

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3/ A Food Bar That’s Basically A Brownie

Okay, let’s be honest: this is Nanuki Boom Bar is basically a brownie on superfood steroids. It’s delicious. It’s a treat. But it’s also high in fibre, iron and protein. It’s free from preservatives, soy, sugar, gluten and dairy. And it’s really filling. I’ll have this as a breakfast-on-the-go any day! Or a lunch-time treat. Or a dessert. Really, any time of day… Get yours here.

4/ Queen Of The Jungle Food Bars

The first time had this Jungle Oats Dark Chocolate food bar I was sitting in a shuttle at 4.30am on my way from my hotel to the start of the Soweto Half Marathon. I know the rule is: try nothing new on race day, but I thought: Oats, nuts, chocolate – how crazy can this be? And of course they are dairy-free too! Perfect for an allergen sufferer like me. They’re filling and affordable at only R10 per bar. Although Dis-Chem is running a promotion currently where you can get two for R15. Click here to find the special.

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5/ My Own Homemade Food Bars

When I’ve been really good (read: have had lots of spare time), I make my own breakfast food bars. They’re packed with seeds, nuts, oats, coconut and cacao nibs (for a little boost of caffeine and chocolatey goodness!). Get the recipe here.

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