5 Best Budget Fragrances That Smell Freakin’ Incredible

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Fragrance

We all love compliments. I know I love them, even though I sometimes don’t know to take to them. Do I say something nice back, or do I just smile, say thank you and keep moving?

But that’s not the case when I get “you smell amazing” compliments. I always feel the need to tell you what it is, even recommend it – because clearly we have something in common here. And the best part? You don’t even have to break your bank to smell amazing. Here are my top five great fragrances that are super affordable – and smell divine.

Lentheric Hoity Toity Chouchou


This seductive fragrance is also fun and sexy. A quick spritz to your neck is all you need for a boost of confidence that will carry through the whole day. Get it at Dis-Chem for R185.

Yardley White Satin


Yardley White Satin will not only make you smell delicious – it’ll also lift your spirits with its delicate floral sweetness and citrus freshness. It makes me feel soft, but bold at the same time – which is kinda the essence of being a woman, right? Get it at Dis-Chem for R275.
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Revlon Moon Drops


This one’s a beautifully mysterious scent, with bursts of floral. Based on a blend of smooth floral essences, it’ll have everyone’s heads turning as you saunter past. Get it at Dis-Chem for R199.

Coty Exclamation


Here’s an invigorating feminine scent that lets you make a powerful statement the minute you walk into a room. No need for words – this fragrance speaks for itself. All you’ve got to be is you. Get it at Dis-Chem for R200.

Adidas Natural Vitality


The Adidas Natural Vitality Natural Spray is an invigorating feminine fragrance that blends together fruity and floral notes to keep her beautifully scented all day long. All you have to bring to the table is your beautiful self. Otherwise this fragrance has everything else covered. Get it at Dis-Chem for R200.

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