Deos That’ll Keep You Fresh When It’s Hot AF Outside

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Fragrance

It’s that time of year when the sun gives zero mercy. And, while there’s nothing wrong with a little sweat, there’s nothing right with half-moons either. If you want to stay dry and can’t find the right deo, don’t sweat it. We’ve hand-picked our office faves. CrossFitters, cali-girls and yogis agree – these are the deodorants you should be packing this summer.

Shield Deodorant Ladies Invisible Black And White

Protect your clothes (white residue begone) and yourself with this deo. MotionSense tech keeps you dry and protected from odour. You’ll still be smelling fresh 48 hours later!

Garnier Deodorant Spray Clean Sensation

This deo is enriched with Mineralite, a highly absorbent volcanic mineral to keep you fresher for longer. It has no alcohol and it promises all-day freshness… We’re talking “just stepped out of the shower” vibes.

Vichy Hypoallergenic Deodorant Anti-Transpirant

Worth every little penny! Less shaving is required with this deodorant and it refines the texture of sensitive and depilated skin. Bonus: Alcohol- and paraben-free.

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Dove Invisible Dry Anti-Perspirant Body Spray

Like they always do, Dove has added a quarter moisturising cream for soft, smooth, beautiful underarms. Plus: This deodorant has a special masking oil to prevent marks from getting on clothes.

Nivea Deodorant Female Protect & Care

This one kicks odour in the butt – but it’s also soft on skin while offering 48-hour protection. Our fave bit: It contains the unique scent of Nivea, leaving your underarms smelling oh-so fresh.

Sanex Dermo Sensitive Anti-Perspirant Roll-On For Women

Fight the bacteria, not the odour. This deo uses lactoserum to fight off the underlying cause of the smell, while keeping skin healthy and fresh for up to 24 hours.

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Gonn. Anti-Odorant 

This product not only lets your body do its natural thing – sweat – but also works behind the scenes to keep you smelling like a field of wildflowers. No staining, no aluminium, no parabens, no propellants, no alcohol and most importantly: no stink.

Mitchum Advanced Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant For Women

Trusted by athletes everywhere, this powerhouse product is enhanced with triple odour defence technology, creating an impenetrable shield against odour from heat, movement and stress. This deodorant provides ultra-powerful 48-hour sweat and odour control, all while being dermatologist-tested. What’s more, it applies invisibly, ensuring no white residue on your skin.

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