SA Netball Captain Bongiwe Msomi Talks World Cup Dreams

by | May 30, 2023 | Profile

Captain of the SA Netball team, Bongiwe Msomi is in top form – and has been for some time. In 2017, she led her team to victory over England in their first-ever Quad Series victory. Since then, the team has steadily been gaining momentum with her at the helm, having a whopping 150 caps to her name.

Now they’re training for the Vitality Netball World Cup, to be held on SA soil, a big move for the sport and South Africa. And the winning spirit is out in full force as she leads the team into the tournament this year.

World Cup Dreams

I never thought or even saw this coming in my netball career! A whole world cup at home! Really pumped! What a blessing! I am particularly honoured to be playing my fourth World Cup for the Proteas and what a privilege to be representing my country once more.

My goals for the tournament are to enjoy and embrace every moment! To give it my all and have the best time of my life on and off the court! As for my team, I want us to play really good netball. Podium Finish! Gold! Imagine!!

Training hard

When I’m at home, depending on whether we have league matches or not, training will be twice a day – conditioning and strength. Sessions vary, some are done together or as a group in one session and other times, we do them separately.

Then if we’re in season, we need to factor in court training and friendly matches into our schedules.

But basically, an hour of weight training, two hours of court session in one day and 30 minutes of conditioning, with two hours of court session in another. Alternating between these, maybe for 3/4 times a week and a match over the weekend.

Staying on top of the game

When it comes to prioritising my mental health, I just don’t overwhelm myself. I live in the moment, I’m happy to be blessed like that.

Routine is important and I keep them a priority, so I do not feel rattled and start thinking too much. I worry less and do what I need to do to ensure minimal stress & fatigue both mentally and physically

Then, I communicate all my challenges prior to a game and seek assistance where required. It is such a busy year so I really do not want to be overwhelmed with anything.

Eating well

This is a tough one! It’s hard to get this right when you play netball full-time and have a full-time job, but I have created routines for myself to make sure I do not skip such an important part of an athlete’s life.

I eat breakfast after the morning sessions (either gym or conditioning). Then go to work, where after having lunch at work I then go to training and it’s dinner time at home. I often carry recovery snacks to nibble in between my three meals because most of the time I am hungry!

If we are at camp or in a tournament it is a bit easier because we have our meals prepared for us as well as have training sessions and games together. We work on schedule and you barely rush anywhere. It works much better.


I usually spend 30 minutes doing recovery work and I use a massage machine (I prefer to use the Theragun), foam rolling and stretching and massage as a last option.

I do not like ice baths tjooooo! Ay ay ay! But I have to do it!

Top support

Being sponsored by PUMA is a huge motivation and a confidence booster! Any time I sense a bit of respect and acknowledgement for what I do, I feel even more pumped to work even harder. I play the sport because I love it! It’s my life! Then I see any support as fuel to the passion I have already.

Also knowing that my wins/progress/achievements as a sponsored athlete helps me to help others as well is a massive positive to my life. The sponsorships allow me to navigate through my project (Bongi Msomi Legacy Project) and constantly find ways of touching lives out there. I wouldn’t be able to run such a meaningful project without sponsorships.

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