8 Common Health Problems You Didn’t Know Can Be Treated With Botox

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Health

By Cally Silberbauer; image from Freepik.com

Have you heard the medical buzz around Botox’s magical powers?

Botox typically goes hand-in-hand with wrinkles, but this is only one of the many health issues Botox is currently used for. Previously a drug that was seen, but only whispered about, it’s now becoming a hot topic of conversation.

Its magical powers have repeatedly surprised those in the medical community, with a fast-growing list of uses. It’s FDA-approved for nine medical conditions, but has close to 800 patents for potential uses, from chronic migraines to excessive underarm sweating.

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Botox is created from a deadly toxin, botulinum toxin, but when used in low doses, it can have major beneficial effects. This drug was approved for use nearly 30 years ago and, surprisingly, more than half of its usage is therapeutic, rather than cosmetic. But be warned: Botox comes with a black box warning, which means it can be linked to serious side effects.

So, let’s see what this drug is also used for…

1. A Gummy Smile

A ‘gummy’ smile is one way to describe a smile that shows a little more gum than desired. While this might not be a life-threatening problem, for the individual in question, it can feel like it. But get this: a Botox injection into the upper lip relaxes the retractor muscles, which results in the upper lip not lifting as much and exposing so much gum.

2. Chronic Migraines

This Botox fix was discovered by chance when Dr William Binder, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, observed that his patients reported fewer headaches when receiving treatment for their wrinkles. Botox was approved for chronic migraine treatment in 2010. Patients suffering from this condition receive 31 injections around the neck and head area. This relieves headaches for around three months.

3. Hair Loss

Hair loss or ‘thinning’ is always a touchy subject, so, not surprisingly, research is being carried out on a daily basis to solve this tricky situation… One solution was stumbled upon by Dr Simon Ourion. His mother was undergoing treatment for cancer, which resulted in severe headaches. He injected her scalp with Botox to address the headaches and, as a result, the hair she lost during chemo grew back. What’s more, this treatment not only prevents further hair loss, it promotes regrowth as well!

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4. Excessive Underarm Sweating

A study was done on Botox and sweating when doctors noticed that their patients sweated less after being treated for facial spasms. Botox was approved as a treatment for primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in 2004.

5. Premature Ejaculation

This treatment is still a work in progress, but so far it seems that an injection into the penis relaxes the muscle and delays ejaculation. The drug is also being tested as a possible treatment for erectile dysfunction.

6. Crossed Eyes

Interestingly, this is one of the first treatments Botox was approved for. Crossed eyes, or strabismus, is a condition where both eyes don’t look in the same direction. Botox is a particularly successful treatment for this condition.

7. Overactive Bladder

Studies have found that Botox can increase urinary control. Dr Linda Brunaker found that 70 percent of women treated in a study reported more control over their downstairs leakage.

8. Painful Sex

Last, but definitely not least, for the women who experience painful muscle spasms during sex, Botox may be the answer. This treatment is not yet FDA-approved, but Botox injections can ease muscle spasms and enhance pleasurable. Doctors at Cleveland Clinic say that the frequency of this treatment varies from once every six months to once every few years. Might be worth a shot…

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