Why Trojan Is The Perfect Fit For Cover Search

by | May 21, 2024 | Fitness, WH Promotion & Events

Cover Search 2024 is officially underway and the entries are streaming in (and may we add how downright stunning each entrant is!). We’re on the hunt for that perfect blend of health, fitness and inspiration to grace the November/December 2024 cover of Women’s Health. And to make this campaign (#WHCoverStar) truly special, we’ve partnered with Trojan as our presenting sponsor.

What makes this collaboration truly special?

Partnering with both Men’s Health and Women’s Health on the Cover Search campaign comes as a natural fit for Trojan. Our brands aligns perfectly, especially with their mission to inspire individuals to move better, feel better and perform better.

Cover Search Is For Every Body

Just like Trojan’s motto suggests, the Cover Search campaign is built on the belief that health and fitness are for everyone – regardless of shape, size or background.

“We’re inspired by individuals who want to move better, feel better and perform better. Whether you like to move fast, go far, stretch deeply or lift heavy things, we have everything you need to work out in your own space and on your own terms. The cover search winners will be at their personal best and the best, train with Trojan,” shares the Trojan team.

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Versatility Is At The Forefront

Much like our diverse pool of entrants and their fitness preferences, Trojan’s equipment caters to a wide array of workouts and sports. From cardio to strength training, there’s something for everybody in Trojan’s repertoire, ensuring that each individual can pursue their fitness goals with passion and purpose.

Advanced Tools And Insights

With their cutting-edge fitness equipment and insightful resources, Trojan provides the Cover Search entrants with the tools they need to push their limits and soar to newer fitness heights.

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About Trojan

Since launching in 1981, Trojan has been a cornerstone of South African home fitness. Their mission? To create a home gym experience that’s both robust and rewarding.

Trojan’s product line-up speaks volumes about their dedication to fitness. From morning runs on their state-of-the-art treadmills to strength training with their free weights and rowers, Trojan provides everything you need to achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home.

What sets Trojan apart is their commitment to quality. They partner with top-tier manufacturers to produce not just fitness equipment, but tools that support a healthier lifestyle.

Trojan is exclusively available in Makro and Game stores countrywide, or on their websites.Visit Trojanhealth.co.za for more product information.

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