Look For These 5 Ingredients To Revive Your Dry, Damaged Hair

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Hair

If your hair is your crowning glory, so you know all about those efforts to keep it strong and healthy. But… due to pollution, chemical styling and heat damage, your tresses may be more dull and lifeless than bountiful and luscious. That’s why how you care for your hair is important, and good haircare starts right at the beginning: shampoo.

The key is to nourish your hair from the inside so it looks healthy and shiny on the outside. Here, five ingredients to look out for the next time you go shampoo shopping.


Revitalise limp hair with your favourite morning energiser: caffeine. When applied directly to the scalp, caffeine penetrates into your hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. With its ability to block the hormone DHT, which is linked to hair loss, caffeine is great if you suffer from bald spots.

According to research done by the International Journal of Dermatology, applying caffeine directly to the scalp resulted in the increase in average growth of the hair follicle by 46 percent. It also extended its life cycle by 33 percent. And if its strengthening abilities weren’t enough, caffeine adds shine to your hair and makes hair more manageable.

You can find caffeine in this shampoo from Reflections – it’s perfect for fine and brittle hair.

Jojoba oil

If you have dry, damaged hair, and your scalp is in need of moisture, look no further than jojoba oil. Extracted from the jojoba plant, this oil is the saving grace for a dry scalp. Rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E and copper, jojoba oil moisturises hair at the follicle, promoting hair growth and thickness and preventing hair loss.

Find jojoba oil in this intensive moisture shampoo from Good Stuff. It has added pro vitamin B5 to add shine.


Naturally found in our hair, keratin is the foundation that holds it all together. A protein made up of 19 amino acids, keratin makes up about 89 percent of our hair. It’s responsible for the internal and external structure of our tresses, making it the deciding factor in our hair’s strength and texture. So, if your hair is lacking in keratin, it will be dry and brittle.

If your hair is dry and damaged from styling, give it a growth and strength boost with a dose of good-quality keratin. Try Keratin Smooth Shampoo from Tresemme.


Aloe vera

We all know the magical powers aloe vera has when treating skin problems, but this miracle plant does wonders for your hair too. Aloe can help to soothe an itchy scalp by reducing the inflammation caused by dandruff. It also contains vitamins A, C, and E, which contribute to cell turnover, promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair.

Try this shampoo from Organics – it contains aloe vera and rosemary to hydrate and revives your hair.

Argan oil

We can’t talk about hair-saving ingredients without mentioning argan oil. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it’s a key ingredient to keeping your hair soft and damage-free. Argan oil naturally helps to increase hair’s elasticity and restores the shine in dull, lifeless hair.

Try Two Oceans Moroccan argan oil – it’ll rehydrate and revitalise your mane.

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