Festive Make-Up Ideas To Upgrade Your Glam

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Make-up

We can all agree on one thing — that summer is the ultimate season for experimenting and reinventing yourself. May we suggest giving your make-up a (probably much-needed) revamp? Below, two celebrity make-up artists Vuyo Varoy and Thato Ndlovu share ideas on make-up trends and looks that will have you either turning heads, dropping jaws or people queueing up to ask for recommendations (a bit extra but you get the point!)

“Summer is actually the ideal time to play around with your looks and to introduce a brighter colour palette,” says Thato, also the make-up artist and hairstylist on our November/December 2023 issue. Vuyo agrees. “Summer is the most exciting season for trends,” he adds.

In terms of trends to jump on, Thato recommends and swears by a natural glow. “Most people prefer showing off more of their skin lately.” The ‘nude lips lined with a slightly darker lipliner, topped up with lots of gloss’ trend is still very much in, according to Vuyo. What of faux lashes? “I always advise my clients to try lashes because lashes complete a look. You can choose from natural-looking to dramatic faux lashes,” she explains. But if the thought of faux lashes seems like a lot of admin, then call on every woman’s long-time friend, ‘mascara’! 

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Vuyo’s Festive Make-Up Ideas

Image By: Andile Mthembu; Make-Up: Vuyo Varoy

The Glow

Glowy skin tops summer 2023 trends. To achieve this look, prep your skin with moisturiser (with an SPF), then apply strobe cream for that extra glow. Apply a small amount of foundation – only where you need it and blend. Finish off the look with a nude lipgloss. 

Image By: Gareth Jacobs Photography; Make-Up: Vuyo Varoy

Colour Pop 

Simply put, this look is about using two similar colours both on the lips and eyes. Use one shade of eyeshadow of your choice on the entire eyelid and finish off the look with a similar lipstick, preferably in a creamy texture.

Image By: Judd van Rensburg; Make-Up: Vuyo Varoy

Metallic Power 

Metallics are back and big this season. Use metallic eyeshadows to create different shapes on the eye. Comb your brows in an upward direction, then finish off the look with a nude gloss. 

Vuyo’s Three Make-Up Rules

  1. Sun protection first! Apply sunscreen before your foundation as some foundations don’t have SPF. 
  2. Less is more. Heavy or cakey foundation is so 1980! Always apply foundation only where you need it. 
  3. Have a shine-free plan. Summer is synonymous with sweating (an obvious fact)! Always carry blotting paper or powder to blot away the excess shine.

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Thato’s Festive Make-Up Ideas

Image By: Setlife; Make-Up: Thato Ndlovu

Red Lips Work Each Time

A red lip is paired with a green eyeliner (it can be any brightly coloured for a runway-meets-editorial look that is daring, fun and creative. Go wild, there are absolutely no limits.

Lined Lips For The Win

“These are my signature glam looks where you can pair a matte lippie with a high-shine gloss. I’m such a fan of clean, timeless make-up looks,” says Thato. Moisturise, prime and apply your foundation. Use an eyeshadow of your choice on the eyelid, then overlain the lips with a brown lip liner. Because it’s summer, gloss is a must.

Follow this order: Lip liner, nude lipstick and gloss on top. Most importantly, let the skin breathe by not being heavy-handed with the foundation.

Image By: Snegraphs; Make-Up: Thato Ndlovu
Image By: Okay_wasbi; Make-Up: Thato Ndlovu

Thato’s Three Make-Up Rules

  1. Moisturise and prime. Follow this rule, especially in this scorching summer heat, for longer-lasting make-up.
  2. Be bold. A daring red lip, wing liner, a smokey eye (and the works). Do it all but keep it clean and timeless!
  3. Lock it in. Setting your face with a hydrating spray will give you the perfect dewy look that’ll last all day (and night).  

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