7 Worthy Reasons To Grab The November/December 2023 Issue of Women’s Health

by | Nov 23, 2023 | Cover Star

The much-anticipated summer season (or #KeDezembaBoss as commonly referred to on social media) is finally here! We urge you to take whatever lessons life taught you this year and get ready to have your most blissful summer yet – armed with pages upon pages of features, in the latest edition of Women’s Health SA, that will serve as your ultimate summer guide.

“To capture that endless-summer feeling, we’ve packed this issue with tons of tips that’ll help you maintain a flirty, carefree vibe. Because in my books, it’s a lifestyle – and not just a season,” says our editor Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini.

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Women’s Health November/December 2023

1. Our Cover Star’s Take On Body Love Is Exactly What Every Woman Needs To Hear (Right Now!)

The struggle to accept our bodies as they are and to prioritise rest in a world that hypes busyness is REAL. On page 74, our cover star Nkateko ‘Takkies’ Dinwiddy shares life-changing anecdotes that will hopefully remind you that, sometimes, the only thing standing between us and the life of our dreams is making small tweaks to our routines. Catch more of Takkies’ infectious energy on page 74.

Women’s Health November/December 2023

2. Socialise According To Your Personality Type

Peep this…Your extroverted bestie usually wants to stay out all night, while your other ambiverted bestie is usually unpredictable when in social settings. And you, the group introvert, are trying to come up with another creative excuse to leave the party early. Learn how to optimise your networking and re-energise yourself after an outing on page 56.

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Women’s Health November/December 2023

3. The Best Performers

We all know that having support, in the form of gear and gadgets, on our fitness journey makes all the difference. We went in search of the cream of the crop in all fitness categories, so you would only worry about making a choice and buying. Here’s to taking things a few notches up – let’s GO!

Women’s Health November/December 2023

4. Take Your Tastebuds On A Trip Around The World

Not travelling? Quell your wanderlust with award-winning Chef Monché delectable recipes sourced from her book Harvest Table: A Culinary Journey Through The Wine Regions Of France, Italy, Spain And South Africa. Believe us when we say: Your taste buds are about to go on a trip like no other!

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Women’s Health November/December 2023

5. Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Check out three location picks that not only offer picturesque sights and loads of fun activities, but serve as safe havens for when you and your girls finally move your travel plans beyond the WhatsApp group. Your epic trip awaits! Tips, facts and fun info on page 110.

Women’s Health November/December 2023

6. What’s Summer Without Glowy Skin?

Are you even experiencing summer with the rest of us if your skin is not giving ‘healthy’, ‘glowy’ or ‘fresh-outta-the-shower’? In this feature (page 50), we share useful tips on how to apply foundation flawlessly each time – plus some of our favourite foundation picks and application tools. Very NB: The aim is to still look like yourself and allow your skin to breathe!

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Women’s Health November/December 2023

7. Colour Your Mood Bright

Ever heard the fashion tip: “Wear high heels to elevate your mood?” Well, the same logic applies to wearing bright colours to bolster your emotions — and each colour has its benefits. Your colour coding lessons await on page 46.

Remember…It’s never too late to start living well. Find the November/December 2023 issue of Women’s Health on shelves now, or buy yourself a digital copy. Happy reading and happy reinventing (of self)!

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