4 Fitmama Yoga Moves To Do At Home!

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Pregnant? Here’s a soothing prenatal yoga routine you can do at home. Incorporate these variations into your existing practice, or if you’re new to yoga, find a basic sun salutation sequence and include these postures.

According to biokineticist Tracey Henriques, strengthening your back and core will help prevent back pain and poor posture as your belly grows.
These moves from the Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga are great for conditioning your body early on in your pregnancy to prepare it for the trials ahead. *Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise programme, especially while pregnant.
You’ll need: A yoga mat, a cushion, a folded blanket or towel, a yoga block (optional)

1. Cat Cow Pose

4 Fitmama Yoga Moves To Do At Home!
Start on all fours with arms straight and under your shoulders. As you inhale, drop your tummy, roll your shoulders back and look up (A). As you exhale, round your spine, tuck your chin to your chest and draw your belly button upwards (B). Repeat five times, breathing deeply and keeping movements slow and controlled.

2. Child’s Pose With Supported Head

4 Fitmama Yoga Moves To Do At Home!
Begin sitting on your knees, legs apart and big toes touching. Fold your torso over your thighs and rest your head on a cushion or folded blanket. Your belly will be between your thighs. Lay your arms along your sides, palms up. Relax your neck and shoulders. Hold for five slow breaths.

3. Bridge

4 Fitmama Yoga Moves To Do At Home!
Begin on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor, hip-width apart (A). Lift your hips so your body forms a straight line. Lift your chin slightly and relax your glutes, constantly tucking your tailbone to your knees (B). Hold for one breath, then slowly come back down. Repeat 10 times.
TIP: If you can’t keep your pelvis elevated, use a yoga block for support.

4. Savasana With Bolster

4 Fitmama Yoga Moves To Do At Home!
Savasana is normally performed on your back. In this variation, lie on your side with one arm supporting your head and one leg bent, supported by a cushion. Relax your body completely and close your eyes. Hold for 10 slow breaths.
TIP: When your tummy gets bigger and heavier, avoid lying flat on your back as you could restrict blood flow due to the added pressure. Check out more yoga safety tips here!
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