Everything You Need To Know About Genital Bleaching

by | May 17, 2018 | Health

Not the frivolous treatment it might seem, this intimate beauty procedure is upping women’s self-confidence in leaps and bounds.

Bleaching has been a part of some women’s beauty regimes for decades – hairs on upper lips, arms and lower backs have all been lightened in order to make them less conspicuous. Genital bleaching has the same idea, but takes it a step further by bleaching the skin itself.

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“It’s a procedure to lighten darkened skin around the genital area,” says aesthetic gynaecologist and endoscopic surgeon, Dr Natalia Novikova from AestheticGynaecologist.com. The labia majora (the larger outer folds of the vulva), the inner thighs and perianal area (made up of the tissue around the anus and rectum) can all be treated. The common causes of hyper-pigmentation are age and pregnancy.

So How Does Genital Bleaching Work?

“The patient will be asked to apply an anaesthetic cream to the affected area about 45 minutes before the procedure. Just before, the skin will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution. The procedure is then conducted using a CO2 laser, which resurfaces the skin by removing the melanin layer, effectively lightening it.

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The session is quick, lasting around 20 to 30 minutes on average. The doctor will also advise the patient to use a lightening cream a few times per week for about four weeks before the laser treatment to enhance the effects,” explains Novikova.

Several sessions will be required to achieve your desired results and your specialist will be able to estimate how many sessions you’ll need. Patients should not have sexual intercourse for a week after the procedure and need to avoid any sun exposure to that area for six months after the treatment.

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While it could be seen as a superficial, perhaps unnecessary procedure, darkened skin can have a hugely negative impact on women’s confidence. “Genital bleaching allows women to regain confidence they may have lost due to darkening genital skin. Sometimes this drop in confidence has an impact on their sex lives, which can be frustrating for the women and their sexual partners,” says Novikova.

Thinking Of Getting It Done?

Make sure you contact a qualified healthcare professional – the procedure is low-risk when performed by a professional, but there are complications that can arise if you visit an unqualified person – primarily uneven skin tone. Plus, a professional will be able to guarantee the results you want.

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