These Are The 6 Hottest Sex Moves, According To Men

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Sex

These positions are extracted from The Women’s Health and Men’s Health Big Books Of Sex.

1. The Flat Iron

Doggy without being doggy (interesting fact: psychologists reckon that doggy style is the preferred position men use on the women they’re cheating on you with), this one has the added advantage of making him (and by “him” we mean, y’know, “him’) feel bigger inside you. It’ll ruin the pillow, but that’s a small price to pay.

flat iron

2. Couch Surfer

Bedroom sex can seem a bit premeditated, so what makes couch surfing great is the spontaneity of it all. You might like it because you feel weightless perched over the arm of the couch with your feet off the ground, and he likes it because you’re at the perfect height. Plus, that look you do over your shoulder while he’s pumping away is as ineffable as the Mona Lisa’s.

couch surfer

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3. Hovering Butterfly

Guys refer to the hovering butterfly as, uh, something less cute, but whatever you call it, it involves using a mixture of gravity and self-exertion and he not only has a great view, but can reach up, around and inside… Plus, you can lean back and use your hands on him. It’s also easy to flip into a 69, or shift further down onto him and have a ride.

butterfly sex position

4. Face-Off

This position allows you to get really deep – it’s almost like your bodies fit into each other like corresponding puzzle pieces. His face on your breasts, his hands fondling your butt or gripping your waist… Priceless. Why would you enjoy it? It’s intimate, intense and, if he’s strong enough, it’s nice to stand up as you climax.

face off sex position

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5. Cowgirl

Apparently women prefer this position because it lets them dictate the pace and depth of penetration. What the book doesn’t say is that guys love it because (unlike missionary), they don’t have to do all the work, and they can lie back and look at your boobs. Truly magnificent. (And yes, men are that shallow. Or deep, as the case may be…)


6. Missionary

Predictable? Maybe. Practical? Definitely. Man-on-top is by far the most common sex position… and there’s a good reason for that. It gets the job done, enhancing body and eye contact, and (because men are selfish dogs) all but guarantees he’ll ejaculate. Mission accomplished.

Missionary position

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