Seriously Though, Is Hot Yoga That Bad For My Skin?

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This question has been on people’s lips for a while now: Is hot yoga bad for my skin? So, we got the low-down from the experts, so you can put the issue to rest once and for all…

We need to talk about pigmentation…

Let’s talk about pigmentation first. “Pigmentation is driven by two factors – internal, hormonal factors and sun damage, which is triggered by direct UV exposure. When the melanocyte, which produces your pigment, is already over-active, then direct sunlight will make it more aggressive and produce more pigment,” explains clinical aesthetician Günther Dippenaar.

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And sweat…

“Unfortunately, even indirect heat or a hot environment can also aggravate the melonocytes and have the same effect. You also need to account for the fact that you will be sweating during the class, which leaves toxins sitting on your skin. The good news is that you can protect your skin from this – I always recommend that clients (especially if they don’t shower directly afterwards) rinse their face before they leave the studio,” says Dippenaar.

Also try Bearberry Pigmentation Cream – suitable for all skin types, it’s gentle but effective, with extract of bearbery, lavender and carrot to help alleviate sun damage and pigmentation marks.

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And the cardinal sin…

And don’t forget about the biggest beauty sin of all: exercising with a full face on. “Don’t come to class with make-up on! Keep your skin clear of clogged pores by making sure you remove your foundation before class and then by washing your face immediately after a sweaty class,” says Genna Pearson-Pavlakis from Hotpod Yoga.

Keep a gentle face wash – like this Earthsap Tea Tree Face Wash – in your gym bag. We love this one because it’s pure, natural and tea tree oil kills bacteria and helps to control breakouts. It’s mild enough for daily use and the pump lid bottle is super-convenient when you’re in a rush.

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