7 Unbelievably Cool Things You Can Do With Lip Balm — Besides Nursing Chapped Lips

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We all love multi-tasking beauty products… for obvious reasons. For starters, we save a whole lot of money and, secondly, we save a whole lot of space in our beauty bags. PS: This is space we already don’t have!

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Exciting news: We’ve discovered a handful of cool beauty hacks using that seemingly boring lip balm that lies around in your handbag – and we’re not just talking about giving your chapped lips some love.

It’ll Help You Get The Perfect DIY Manicure

You can use lip balm as a barrier against nail polish when you paint your nails. How awesome? All you’ve got to do is apply it evenly on your cuticles before swiping that brush. Allow your nails to dry before carefully wiping the residue off. Boom.

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Substitute An Eyebrow Gel And Balm Your Eyebrows In Place

While it probably doesn’t have the same staying power as an eyebrow gel, trust us, you can defs use a simple balm to groom your eyebrows into fleek mode in a flash. You can also use it to set colour created by pencils or powders.

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Hello Illuminator!

To get that fresh and dewy make-up look without actually doing much, just apply a little lip balm to the top of your cheekbones. You can also dab it just above and underneath the outer edges of your brows. This is the real “real” – it works with all skin shades. Winner!

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Use It As A Pseudo Eyeshadow

Minimal is the future right now. So for that “no-make-up” make-up-esque lid sheen, pop on a small amount of lip balm with your finger.

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If you want to up the ante, apply your favourite eyeshadow on top – the balm will give it a luminous look. Just don’t apply it too thick or your lids will just look greasy…

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Use It As A Cheek Tint

You don’t want to go too overboard with this – keep “less is more” in mind. A tinted lip balm will give you a glowy complexion quickly. Just lightly dab it on the apples of your cheeks until it’s perfectly blended, then you’re good to go! How easy?

Try: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protection Stick Sheer Tint SPF15 (R215) at Edgars

It Soothes Rough, Dry Hands

Dry, ashy hands are not a vibe. (Think about investing in a good hand and nail cream asap.) In the meantime, use what you have: lip balm. Rub some on rough areas during the day to stop further drying.

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It’ll Prolong Your Perfume Scent

You know how sometimes your favourite perfume just wears out in the middle of the day? What if I told you it didn’t have to?

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That lip balm in your bag is the answer: Simply dab a little on your wrists or wherever else you like your scent before spraying. The fragrance will stick to these areas and keep you smelling beautiful all day long.

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