4 Smoothie “Love Potions” That Legitimately Have An Effect On Attraction

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Sex & Love

By Amy Grier; photography by Jonathan Taylor

Want to give your libido a little boost?

Forget chemical stimulation and try these love potions. They’re packed with all vitamins and nutrients needed to fire you up. Now, open wide and swallow…

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Become a smooth(ie) operator with these quick and easy recipes to enhance your sex life, from deeper orgasms to better stamina.

1. For Deeper Orgasms

Try: The Red Devil

Use: 1/3 watermelon, 1/3 punnet strawberries, handful chia seeds, 1 banana. Chuck in a blender. Serves 2.

Explain: It’s late. You’re both three sheets to the wind and frisky. “The banana’s potassium and B vitamins are essential for sex-hormone production,” says nutritionist Gabriela Peacock.  But watermelon’s the key player: loaded with the nutrient citrulline, it relaxes blood vessels to take you to nirvana.

2. To Up Your Horn Level

Try: The Green Horn Goblin

Use: 60g romaine lettuce, 200g celery, 4 pears, 100g rocket, 1 tsp fresh grated nutmeg. Blitz altogether. Serves 2.

Explain: Rocket is basically lighter fuel for your libido. Rich in vitamin A, which aids in the production of progesterone-essential for, well, giving you the lady horn. Pair this leafy green with muscle-relaxing nutmeg and you’ve got yourself an express ticket to Hornville. Sky rockets in flight…

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3. To Banish Distractions

Try: The Mind Melter

Use: 2 pomegranates, handful mint, 2g ginseng powder, 1 tsp dried chamomile leaves. Blitz thoroughly. Serves 1.

Explain: To-do list killing your buzz? Down this in one. “Ginseng enhances sexual drive by increasing circulation and stimulating reproductive tissue as well as relieving stress, which can be kryptonite to your libido”, explains Peacock. “Meanwhile, the chamomile has anti-anxiety properties”. Meaning you won’t be too wound up to spoon afterwards, either.

4. For Better Stamina

Try: The Maca Bed Shaker

Use: 2 tsp cacao, 500 ml unsweetened almond milk, 2 pitted dates, 1 tsp maca. Blend and devour. Serves 1.

Explain: Incoming libido news… “Phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter that is found in cacoa, releases the same hormone that’s unleashed during sexual intercourse. This means you’ll get in the zone much quicker. Almond milk, meanwhile, contains vitamin E, which stimulates the production of both oestrogen and testosterone.

Translation: that’s a boosted sex drive for both of you.

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