4 Naughty Sex Positions To Take Out Of The Bedroom Tonight

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Sex

We all know that having sex is not limited to the bedroom. But how often do you start getting it on in another part of the house and end up traipsing to your bed leaving a trail of discarded clothes behind you because missionary on the floor just gives a crick in your neck the next day? Well, no more. Here are four naughty sex positions that you can try out in four rooms other than the bedroom. Bonus: they all show you how to use the props available to you, so you can max the pleasure from every move.

Hot Tip: Hug each other for 20 seconds before getting busy. Hugging raises levels of oxytocin – a bonding hormone your body produces naturally – and that will enhance your connection. Awww…

Now, go forth and have some sexy fun!

4 Naughty Sex Positions

1. The Iron Chef

Your kitchen counter is the perfect height for this standing-to-seated appetiser. Lift yourself onto the counter and open your legs to welcome him. Once he’s entered you, close your legs around him and hold on tight.

Naughty Sex Positions

2. The Couch Surfer

Bend your body over the arm of a couch as he enters you from behind. If you’re keen for multiple stimulation with minimal effort, grind on the firm, but soft arm of the couch.

Naughty Sex Positions

3. Stability-Ball Blitz

Have a ball in your workout room by using a stability ball to add some bounce to your moves. Once he’s firmly on the ball (you might want to place it next to a wall or chair so you can grab onto something solid if you lose your balance), back up onto him. You can control the angle of entry by arching your back and pressing your bum into his groin.

Naughty Sex Positions

4. Bathroom Attendant

Slip into the bathroom and look in the mirror as he enters you from behind. It lets you have eye contact during this G-spot-targeting rear-entry position.

Naughty Sex Positions

Excerpted from the Women’s Health Big Book Of Os.

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