Exactly How To Seduce Your Man In 7 Easy Steps

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Sex

Men love to be seduced. Since men generally have the burden of seduction, turning the tables on him can make him feel wanted and attractive while you get to experience your own, more active, erotic energy. Here’s how to seduce your man!

Get straight to the point

Men are often concerned about ‘reading the signals wrong’. Taking away this pressure can be inspiring. Let your potential lover know, in no uncertain terms, what you would like to do to him.

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Don’t reject him (right off)

Men generally have to worry about rejection more than women, simply because they have to stick their necks out more in the dating realm. If you want to get a man in bed – but just not at the moment, because you have menstrual cramps or have an important meeting to go to – then turn the situation around to become a titillation, a connection, a teasing game.

Use visual inspiration

A quick visual peek at your favourite asset can go a long way to pique his interest.

You make the sexual advance

Be a little bold. Find that part within yourself that loves to be playful and flirty.

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Emphasise his strengths

He wants to be appreciated for who he is, and what he does well. Compliment him on what he does right – either to you or out in the world.

Talk dirty

Start out with your strength. While women often have more of a ‘top down’ approach to sex – brain first, then genitals – men have more of a ‘bottom up’ approach. After a little flirting, some direct sexual language whispered in his ear works to your strength and expands his sexual experience. Using direct language implant your dirty little thoughts into his head.

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Use your imagination

Think of his particular interests when you plan a special night.

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