This Vibrator Has ‘Cute Bunny Ears’ That Will Get You Off

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Sex & Love

Getting a new sex toy can be the answer to end a dry spell…

“I’m bringing home a new sex toy.” Cue blue ticks and rapid typing… “What is it? Tell me more,” he says.

I send a pic of what looks like a very innocent pink featureless round bunny head with ears.

“But how… What… How does it work?” he asks.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure either, so I suggest we play with it when I get home and figure it out – together.

Now, if you’re a busy working woman like me who also tries to squeeze in her training, healthy meal prep and after-work functions in an evening, before you know it, you’re putting on comfy pants and heading to snoozeland. And that was where I found myself later that evening. The next day I flew to Joburg for work meetings and forgot all about my new sex toy. That was until I returned home to find it charging next to my bed. Someone – clearly – had not forgotten.

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Using My New Sex Toy For The First Time

The Screaming O Toone Flexible Dual-motor Vibrator has two powerful motors in each “ear”. It’s waterproof, latex-free and fairly quiet, so perfect for those intimate moments that you might want to steal for yourself, say, in between serving courses at your next dinner party.

My partner pressed the round of the bunny head gently against my labia with the ears sitting either side of my clitoris and began to play with the settings, moving the sex toy up and down, slightly to the left and right until I started moaning and grasping his arm tightly. The vibrator has 20 different settings, ranging from soft and slow to harder, faster and varied, almost unpredictable patterns. I generally like a consistent, fairly fast vibration, so the varied, almost staccato patterns were great to get me aroused, but then I had to go back to the more solid rumbling pattern to reach full orgasm. It was glorious.

Need some advice on how to use a vibrator to have a mind-blowing orgasm? Follow these tips.

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The Benefits Of Having A Sex Toy

If ever there’s been a drought/quiet spell/a need for spring cleaning… You know what I’m saying! Introducing a new sex toy – or even a sex position – can reignite a spark. Having the element of something new and discovering something together can create excitement and an instant bond. Even a new lubricant can do the trick.

And then there’s the ever-more important element: solo discovery. Knowing what I like and how to get me there helps me communicate accurately to my partner, so he knows how to get me there. Also, orgasms are good for your mental and physical health! An orgasm can even help cure a hangover.

Just writing this story makes me feel hot, so I’m going to whip out my little sex toy for a bit of fun before tonight’s function. Ciao!

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