Summery Poached Peaches With Pavlova

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Recipes

Try this simple summery dessert! Poached peaches with pavlova, frozen yoghurt and pistachios.

Poached Peaches With Pavlova


For the pavlova

– 4 egg whites
– Pinch of salt
– 1 cup castor sugar
– 3 tsp cornflour
–1 tsp white wine vinegar
– 1 tsp vanilla extract

For the peaches

– 4 peaches
– 4 lemon leaves
– 600ml white wine
– 1 cup sugar

To serve

– Low-fat frozen yoghurt
– 50g pistachios, slivered

1/ Preheat oven to 150°C. Place baking paper on a baking sheet and draw an 18cm diameter circle.
2/ Add the egg whites to a mixing bowl with salt and whisk till soft peaks form.
3/ Gradually add the sugar and keep whisking till stiff.
4  /Sift cornflour over the meringue, add the white wine vinegar and vanilla essence and fold through.
5/ Place spoonfuls around the inside edge of the circle.
6/ Place on the middle rack of the oven, reduce temp to 120°C and bake for one hour. Turn oven off and leave to cool.
7/ Score a small “x” in the bottom of each peach.
8/ In a saucepan, bring wine and sugar to the boil; add lemon leaves. Simmer.
9/ Add peaches. Simmer, turning, until tender. Cool. Peel skins and pull away from the pit, or cut off the cheeks.
10/ To reduce the syrup, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer (10 minutes).

Serves 8. Per serving: 1420kJ, 3g fat (0g sat), 63g carbs, 35g sodium, 2g fibre, 4g protein.

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