4 Amazing Body Benefits Of Prunes That’ll Surprise You

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Health

If dried fruit were social media, prunes would be Facebook: they’re there, but you’re not going for it unless there’s nothing else. Until now. Turns out prunes are actually nutritional powerhouses, so reaching for them before the dried apples could give you the boost you need…

They’re high in fibre

Sure, you’ve always known that fibre is important, but if roughage is out of vogue for you (we’re looking at you, trendy low-carbers), hear this: the fibre from prunes can curb constipation. Plus, it feeds the healthy gut bacteria in your body, which is important for better digestion and keeping trim.

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They contain potassium

You know those electrolytes you’re meant to be drinking after a tough workout? Potassium is one of them. Aside from promoting your body’s water balance, potassium beats fatigue and combats muscle spasms. Since it’s not created by your body, it’s essential to get it from food – and prunes are a good source.

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They’re choc-a-block full of vitamins

Prunes are rich in vitamin K, the vitamin that helps blood clotting and is also important for bone health and cognitive health. They’re also a good source of vitamin A, a potent antioxidant that’s important for good vision and immunity.

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They’re important for your bones

A study by the University of Florida State in Tallahassee, USA, reveals that prunes particularly contain nutrients that actually help ward off the effects of osteoporosis. That’s because they carry special phenolic compounds which actively regulate growth factors linked to bone formation.

Want in? Try and get six prunes a day, which is a good serving size. One serving will give you 65 percent of your vitamin K, 14 percent of your vitamin A and 14 percent of your daily potassium. Get R30 off a packet of Gabby’s Prunes, plus other cool savings on healthy food, at Dis-Chem.

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