What’s The Deal With Quinoa Causing Leaky Gut Syndrome?

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Health

Paleo experts reckon quinoa can punch holes in the lining of the stomach, causing leaky gut syndrome. What’s the deal?

Firstly, WTF Is Leaky Gut?

According to Harvard Health, an unhealthy gut lining may have large cracks or holes, allowing partially digested food, toxins and bugs to penetrate the tissues beneath it. This may trigger inflammation and changes in the normal gut flora that could lead to mega problems in the digestive tract and beyond. Oh boy…

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And Is Quinoa Seriously A Culprit?

The claim that one of our fave healthy foods damages the gastric mucosal lining (the mucous-membrane layer of the stomach) is, uh, dramatic. The outer coating of quinoa contains saponins – sometimes described as “anti-nutrients” because they bind to other nutrients, making it difficult for your body to digest and absorb the good stuff – which can cause holes in your gut.

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But, never fear, saponins can easily be removed by soaking or rinsing the quinoa before cooking and they would only be problematic if you were scoffing it at every meal. Any food – even apples or carrots – can be harmful if you eat too much of it. So, still eat quinoa, just not all day, every day.

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