Recharge & Recover After Fit Night Out: What You Need to Know

by | Aug 5, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

After a night of hard-earned workouts (or after a day of running a marathon or cycling long-distance), recovery is paramount. When we exercise, new muscle tears are acquired that work to build up more, burning fat in the process. But rest and recovery are important to allow that process to play out. Your go-to? These tips on how to recover after Fit Night Out will help you on the way to feeling less sore again.

Take a nap 

You’ve heard the adage ‘sleep is the best medicine’ and when it comes to recovery after Fit Night Out, this rings true. “Sleep gives your muscles time to recover,” says FNO trainer, group fitness instructor and PUMA ambassador Jessica Naylor. Plus, research shows that a lack of sleep can impair muscle recovery by impacting the hormones involved in muscle repair and recovery.

PUMA loungewear suit

PUMA Loungewear Suit

Lounge around in the best comfy wear available. This PUMA loungewear suit is perfect for running errands or taking a long, leisurely recovery nap.

Get a massage

Book yourself a massage after a long night bustin’ loose at Fit Night Out. A review of the research in 2020 found that massage decreases the onset of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and can boost flexibility.

Essence Hydro Gel Eye Patches

Essence Hydro Gel Eye Patches

Treat yourself to some extra TLC with these eye patches that’ll nix dark circles from a night of hard work.

Drink electrolytes 

A study in the Journal of the International Society Of Sports Nutrition found that among soccer players with back-to-back matches, “strategic use of protein, leucine, creatine, polyphenols and omega-3 supplements could also offer practical means of enhancing post-match recovery”.

USN All9 Amino

USN All9 Amino

Get your fix of enhancing nutrients in USN’s All9 Amino drink. It contains nutrients and amino acids that assist in recovery and endurance. 

Drink some collagen 

Collagen helps repair and rebuild tissue, especially from people dealing with injuries. But it also might reduce muscle soreness. 

BOS ice tea shot to recover after Fit Night Out

BOS Collagen Shot

Get your collagen in a rooibos shot, infused with natural antioxidants that’ll help your body repair and recover.

Get some heat 

Opting for a sauna or steam room can create much-needed heat that’ll help speed up muscle recovery. Not only that, but steam flushes out toxins and can give you a new glow. Head over to Planet Fitness and hit the steam room after FNO for some much-needed TLC.

Try CBD 

Studies show that CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, can reduce inflammation by reducing the response of cytokines in the body. 

Goodleaf CBD sachets

Goodleaf CBD Sachets

Get your fix in Goodleaf CBD sachets, which can be drunk with something hot, like tea, or in a smoothie.

Do a spa day at home 

While you’re resting up, these welcome additions make for a great spa day that’ll leave you feeling fresh and pampered enough to take on the next week’s challenges.

Oh So Heavenly Beauty Sleep Collection

Oh So Heavenly Dream Duo recover after Fit Night Out

Elvive Hydra Moisture Locking Conditioner

Elvive Hydra Moisture Locking Conditioner

Totalsports Lounge Pants

lounge pants reco er after Fit Night Out

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