Your Easy 10K Training Plan And Tips To Crush It In Just 6 Weeks

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Fitness

So, you’ve aced a 5K and now want to work toward crushing a 10K race? Well, having an easy training plan and expert-approved tips makes it SO much easier to cross that finish line.

Ready to get started? This plan, designed by running coach Kim Maxwell, is for beginners so no need to feel intimidated. The plan will ease you into running a longer distance, starting with a few 15-minutes long runs. Most of the weekday runs take less than 30 minutes and the longest run tops out at eight kilometres. Totally do-able, right?

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Now that you’ve downloaded the plan, let’s decode the terms Kim uses in the programme: 

The easy run:

Don’t focus on speed/time, rather run slowly. The aim here is to improve your fitness. If you run too hard, you’ll throw out the week’s training.

The tempo run:

This prepares your body to deal with sustained running at a consistently hard pace. Your pace should be challenging, but comfortable – just below race-day pace.

The easy run with pick-ups:

Gradually increase your pace from your easy-run speed to 90 percent of a sprint speed by the end of the prescribed interval. Think of it as a skills session. It also deters from the monotony of the easy runs and promotes good form. For four kilometres: 4 x (800m easy + 200m pick-ups). You should be at a 90 percent sprint for the last 20m of each 200m interval.

The time trial:

This is a race, but focus on trying to hit an even pace at each of the kilometre markers. Start out at a moderate pace and finish strong. Record your time and the weather conditions on the day so you can track your progress and always use the same route – five-kay is a good distance.

The turnover drill: 

Turnover is the number of times your feet hit the ground per minute. The higher the number, the less time you’re spending in the air. A turnover drill means measuring this – wait until you’ve hit your stride, then count how many times your right foot touches ground in one minute and times by two. Slow down for a bit, then go again, trying to increase the number.

The long run:

As the name suggests – this is your longest run of the week. Focus on completing the distance rather than speed.

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